Two years ago, on the 23rd of April 2013, France has became the 14th country in Europe to legalize gay weddings. It had been the cause of many protests, tears, anger and smiles. It was just like a little revolution in a way, but finally,  the LGBT community won the battle for equality.

This new law was the final motivation that I needed to launch my own event & wedding agency, I became very interested to discover what happened ever since this milestone in 2013. Did the gays go crazy with elaborate proposals, exchanging vows, buying fancy rings, and having lots of babies? Has France really changed?

Happily, the answer is yes, in a way! According to the Insee sources, 17, 500 gay weddings were officiated since 2013, 7500 the first year, and 10000 in 2014, making up 4% of the total number of weddings in 2014. You might be thinking that’s not really a huge number, and so perhaps it isn’t that important after all. What matters is the fact that these rights are now for everyone, and I believe that was the reason that many people were fighting in the street for. Marriage is now available to everyone, equally.

With no surprises, most of the gay couples are living in large cities, as 14% of the marriages were actually sealed in Paris. To give you an number for comparison, only 9% of the straight weddings were sealed in Paris. Men kissing in the parks and holding each other’s hands has become normal, and nobody seem to be disturb by it! Not only is France a beautiful country, where history meets good taste, but, no matter what the media seems to report, it is also becoming a land of tolerance. France is becoming an even greater mix of culture and backgrounds.

But you must understand that French don’t joke with their laws! Did you know that a mayor who would refuse a gay couple the right to marry would be actually exposed to a 75 000€ penalty and 5 years in jail? But don’t worry, this hasn’t happened yet, and all the mayors are playing the game fairly!

At last, 95% of the french tribunal gave the authorization to a couple who required medically assisted procreation. So we can expect to see kids from same sex parents soon at elementary school. That’s going to be cool, isn’t it ? France has finally shown the world that they are not that much of an old & close-minded country. Unfortunately, the first cases of gay divorces are also being received. After all–whatever your preferences–people are, and will always remain, the same !

Paris had always been a perfect city for people living abroad to come to for a perfect wedding.  Hopefully, gay couples from around the world will start making Paris their dream destination for their sumptuous weddings as well. Now every couple, straight or gay, can celebrate their union here in the city of love.   After all, what better place could there be to promise eternal love in than Paris ?

Warmest, Jean-Charles

Jean Charles Vaneck
About the Author

Jean Charles is not only a passionate degree-qualified event manager and luxury wedding planner, but also an intuitive artist & a smile maker.
Through experiences in luxury and hospitality field, Jean Charles developed extraordinary organization and communication skills essential for creating the most elegant events on a daily basis. Being one of the first male wedding planners in France has been a rewarding professional journey. With all these exceptional resources, Sumptuous Events will weave your ideas and create an event far beyond your expectations. On this blog, we have gathered our latest events, inspirations & ideas. Enjoy reading and thank you for your visit !


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