While you are busy enjoying your wedding day, smiling in that family portrait, chatting with an old friend or sipping those fantastic bubbles, there are hundreds of small details that need to be executed backstage.  It is for all these hundreds of tiny reasons you have hired a wedding planner. What a smart bride!

So today I’m going to share with you two little stories about disasters avoided behind the scenes that I’ve experienced in the past. This can be a fun part of my job. No matter how well you have planned for the day, there will always be something that will go a little wrong. Our role is to cover it up.  We worry, so you don’t have to.

There was a stunning beach ceremony set up, the sun was slowly going down, the guests were all seated, and the ceremony was about to start. Although there were many different musicians playing through the different events, the couple absolutely wanted one special song for the walk down the aisle. I had been  busy setting up tables and escort cards in a different location. I made my way back to the ceremony location, where my duty was to play the two  ‘walk down‘ songs from an Ipod.

The first song played perfectly, and was one of the most dramatic entrances I had ever seen. All eyes were on the groom standing by the altar. Unfortunately, the moment I pressed “play” on the second song, the IPOD battery died. My heart started to pound! I immediately called for rescue and whispered ‘we have a problem’ on the walkie talkie.  Every second seemed like hours. Scrambling, we found a cable and were finally able to play the song. I’m not even sure the guests noticed the long transition, but what’s certain, is that I’ll always double check the batteries of every Mp3 player from now on!

You might not believe me, but at the same event, later that night, there was another adventure.  The dinner had started and the team was impatiently waiting for the delivery of the wedding cake.  It was late, very late.   We finally received a call from the pastry chef- while driving to the venue, he had to break to not run over a pedestrian that popped up from nowhere. Unfortunately, the cake got smashed in the back of the delivery trunk. The pastry chef had to turn around, return to the shop, ‘re-shape’ the cake, and make it back to the venue in 45 minutes.   I never understood how he made it, but he did. The cake arrived at the resort 5 min before the traditional ‘cake cutting’ ceremony. None of the guests, including the couple, could have ever imagined the story behind this cake. It looked fantastic, and tasted delicious.

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