We must admit that we are a little obsessed with all things Christmas related. It would be difficult to miss it in Paris anyway, as it is litually everywhere ! One of  my favorite thing is to stop by the famous department stores such as Galerie Lafayette, Printemps or Le Bon Marché in Paris, and enjoy watching the kids amazed by the sophisticated christmas display.  I see lots of creativity and imagination, and that does inspires us  !  As you know, we love sharing all the beautiful things we  have discovered along the way, and bringing the Christmas spirit into your little home, wherever you are in the world ! There will be more jolly articles to come this month, you can count on us ! But as we are still preparing Thanksgiving dinner, we discovered with  great delight a few TV commercial that confirms that the mentally are changing each years a little bit more  ! 

Last June 2015, The US Supreme Court had ruled that same-sex marriage was a legal right across the United States. The conservatives were actually right, Hollywood and most of the national media have been sort of normalizing homosexuality for the entire developmental period of anyone under the age of 30, and it has started to have an impact here and there. We are receiving more same sex wedding inquiries this year, and we are expecting a boum for gay destination weddings in Paris in the following couple of months.

Meanwhile, we love those christmas TV commercials, where gay couples are being featured &  enjoying family time.  Let’s spread the love and happiness ! Warmest, SUMPTUOUS EVENTS, destination wedding Planner in Paris and all over France.

Ikea’s German branch relesaed a lovely video of a gay couple at home with their family for the holidays

American retail giant Kohl put together a wonderful advertisement !   Have you noticed the cute couple are seen for a brief moment in the opening on the family tree, and later, around the table !

Enjoy the fantastic Campbell’s Soup advert, featuring two dad’s trying to persuade their cute kid to eat his delicious soup  !  

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