The weather has begun to change and a chill is settling into the air of Paris. While most people would rather stay cosy at home, remember that Paris is THE most visited city in the world. Anytime of the year ! A fascinating city full of culture, the history can be seen, touched and tasted everywhere while walking around. While New York temperatures often dip below 0° , this is a rarity in Paris. Also there are a tons of activities that can be done indoors, such as the world renown museums, excellent restaurants, or winter and seasonal shopping in the « Grand Magasins » ( department store on boulevard Haussmann )

Wintertime in Paris is a perfect place for a whirlwind wedding! Whether you are eloping with the love of your life, or a traveling with a small group of friends, Paris is a place of true romance.  Wherever you are coming from in the world, I can assure you that the French will make you feel at home and will treat you like family during the cold months. Starting with places to stay,  Paris features some extravagant hotels with amazing amenities such as exclusive spas, tea rooms complete with a jazz pianist, winter gardens, or private cinemas. Whenever you decide to visit, the vendors will have more surprising treasures available, and will exceed your expectations.  If you visit in December, you must see the stunning decorations that are spread across Paris, you can check the interior of every Palace, but the highlights will be found on the iconic Champs elysées and perhaps, take a tour on the most fashionable street the‘ Faubourg Saint Honoré »  where I had the privilege to work, since ‘Rendez-vous in Paris’ office is ideally located here!  Don’t be surprised to see how the designers compete with each other every year to have the prettiest ‘vitrine’ ( shop window ).

You can also add a winter theme to your  elopement or intimate wedding. Decorating for a winter wedding can be especially fun. Strands of white lights, ice sculptures filled with roses, White peonies and orchids, hanging votives in frosted vases, tall candles on beds of pine branches, and gold garlands hung above the archways are a few of the many ways that will beautifully set a joyful tone. Fake snow sprinkled on the floor can also sets a perfect winter scene for exchangng your vows.  Ornate  christmas trees make a great focal point within the reception area. Silver, burgundy or red mix beautifully to make a great color scheme. What about having a christmas gospel in lieu of a live band? We will definitely enjoy creating your special day, and may your wedding day be merry and bright !

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