It’ s been like a little revolution in France recently.I was not really surprised to see, that my country was divided into two, regarding the big debate of same sex mariage equality. I was being a little upset to hear that some were refusing to give equal right to the LGBT community. As long as it doesn’t take anything away from you, I don’t see why one should be opposed to it.

Anyway, after long discussions and protest, Miss Taubira, French Guyanne Minister of Justice of France  gave one of the most amazing and historic speechs’ before the french national assembly on April 2013 followed by the legislation legalizing gay marriages in France. Frigide Barjot and her heartless devotees could go back to their homes and maybe have kept  their ‘banners’ as souvenirs.

I have always been thinking about organizing weddings and celebrations. I must admit that the timing was perfect, and I suddenly wanted  to become the first wedding planner for same sex couples.  The city of Paris, and a bunch of like minded vendors decided to put together a ‘Gay Salon du Mariage’, which was unfortunately not a big success.

Of course it was not , same sex couples that have not  been really waiting for the approval of the government to get married ! Love is always stronger, right ? The gay community has had the PACS for many years, which was mostly used for straight people.

Then I started to think that it was not so smart to categorize those types of weddings. Their union are simply and equally the same, that is the union of two people that love each other . Those recent events have shown us that  the LGBT community were fighting for  equality, not to be one more time put in a specific box.  Although I quickly gave up the idea  for the pride of the community. I would still be very flattered to organise a same sex lavish celebration…. And the talented vendors from my little black book would be so too !

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