Sumptuous Events | Luxury wedding planner Paris, France

Sumptuous Events is a full-service wedding planning, design production, and communication agency. Our headquarter is located in Paris, but we serve global elite clients in other luxury destinations – the French Riviera, Miami, New York, Phuket & Marrakech. Decadent rooftops of Manhattan, iconic French castles, and gorgeous secret beaches along the French Riviera are sites where we make dreams come true.

It’s about how much love we put into giving.

Thanks to Haute Couture, perfectly customized events, and full attention paid to every single detail, the services provided by Sumptuous Events are highly distinguished and renowned worldwide. From conceptualization to designs and planning, Jean Charles and his team can transform any space into an enchanting scene ideal for hosting any matchless, elegant, luxury and inter culturally infused event. We believe that the success of your event depends on the divine energy and love wrapped into it, flavored with a unique ‘joie de vivre,’ visionary state of mind, a French dramatic, bold touch, and stylish craziness.



founder & director

Jean Charles is not only a passionate degree-qualified event manager and wedding planner, but also an intuitive artist and a smile maker. It has always been his dream to have the most premium events & wedding agency.

Visits to over 60 countries enveloped him into the arts, culture, and inspiration. Moreover, through experiences in luxury and hospitality field, Jean Charles developed extraordinary organization and communication skills essential for creating the most perfect and elegant events on a daily basis.

Building up a rich portfolio through the years, perfecting his design interests and project management knowledge, now he provides the flawless  services in the most luxurious destinations. Being one of the first male wedding planners in France has been a rewarding professional journey. Over his lifetime, Jean Charles has created a fantastic network of outstanding, passionate, and creative vendors. With all these exceptional resources, Sumptuous Events will weave your ideas and create an event far beyond your expectations.



Sales & Marketing Director, Event Coordinator

Naomie, a logistical mastermind, was born in Fukuoka, Japan. She possesses an innate ability to connect all the dots between couples and vendors, and between abstract, creative ideas and the practical steps to achieve them.

Before becoming a brilliant marketing manager at Sumptuous Events, Naomie studied finance and earned her sales and marketing degree from Fukuoka University. Naomi’s specialty is putting together the most precise timeline to run a perfect destination wedding, thanks to her the extensive knowledge of sourcing methodologies through networking, referrals, and event magazines.

When she’s not designing splendid weddings, Naomie can be found in her kitchen experimenting with delicious new recipes or traveling Europe in search of more stamps in her passport. She also knows well about Japanese tradition Japanese & fashion Kimono. Her hobbies are the decoration, paper craft, Origami, calligraphy and world cuisines. Naomi is an ideal person to connect chic of Paris and sophisticated cultures of Asia.



Chief Executive Officer, Event Coordinator

Being both analytical and creative, Patricia is a brilliant event planner. She knows the secrets of making your wedding day stress free and nonchalant.

Patricia is a French/Brazilian citizen who started her career as a sales executive with strong expertise in the wine market in Hong Kong. What is more, she mastered been trading luxury goods such as high-value timepieces and jewelry. She has always been mesmerized by Asia and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, on top of English and French, which helps her fully understand the nuances of the Chinese culture and develop strong and cordial relationships.

She discovered the wedding industry after her own wedding in Phuket in March 2014 where she met Jean-Charles who co-organized her wedding with Jeanette Skelton. Patricia is a person of action and imagination, offering an outstanding and precise expertise for the overseas couple with a strong taste for luxury and authenticity.



Luxury Concierge Director & Wedding Assistant

Sumptuous Events offers the highest level of personalized travel, transportation, and cutting-edge, high-end Conciergerie in Paris for overseas couples and corporate executives.

With over five years of experience in the management and production of luxury events, it is Anaide’s unmatched ability to make the inaccessible world accessible for our couple visiting Paris. She can find out exactly what you and your guests want and deliver you everything with luxurious grace, style, and personalized flair. Besides, be it a non-profit fundraiser or a corporate meeting, Anaide knows how to meet all client’s goals. She is fluent in Spanish, French, and English.

The culture of sumptuously refined aesthetic sensibility.

Combined with an authentic work ethics, happiness is breathed into everything we touch. Our weddings are magical, and they tell stories to be treasured for a lifetime. Levels of Haute Couture and unique skill of our team make sumptuous events stands firmly as a leader in the field.