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I feel very honored and excited to start a new collaboration with Heather, founder of ‘Rendez-vous in Paris’ which originated from the United States. She is very well established in France and acquainted with its ‘art de vivre’ and bustling night life. Her renown  agency  provides an outstanding service for discerning international clientele  and have produced a high numbers of amazing weddings. I therefore trust our partnership and know that it is going to be very interesting since I share her passion for luxury and beauty.

Collaboration is the key to success, especially in the field of planning. Of course a wedding planner cannot do all the magic by herself !We sample vendor’s work, recommend the best to our clients and work closely with them in order to offer the best service. We share commitment of excellence.  Our talent is to bring things together, and let the magic unfold. I love comparing myself to a ‘chef d’orchestre’ of talent.

There are always lessons to be learnt, understood and that is how we improve ourselves.This is not  only on the professional level, but on a personal one too. So for the next couple of months we will be merging ideas and hopefully can produce beautiful things. I welcome with new challenge in my life and see it as a blessing from the universe.When these challenges face me I remember why it is here and always thank the universe for these lessons.

I’m looking forward to share with you beautiful projects , pictures , videos and ideas that will emerge from this super collaboration.  Watch out , warmest, Jean Charles

Credit : One & Only Photography – Wedding Planner : Heather / Rendez-vous in Paris

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