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In a previous article, I mentioned having been introduced by a dear friend of mine to an amazing little book, called “The Secret’. So today, I am happy to share more about this subject.  Curiously, since reading it, I keep meeting people who have also read it and applied the book’s advice into their daily lives.  These successful people tell me that they have been using « The Secret » for years. I believe  more than ever that there is  always a reason for the people that come into our life.

The concept is pretty simple, in brief, having an open and positive mind will attract great things into your life. The opposite mindset can only lead you into despair and dissatisfaction. We create our reality by visualizing it constantly. Of course, the  author is not talking about a single thought, but a constant focus upon what we really want. The author recommends writing on a piece of paper what we really want and putting it in a place where we will read it several times a day. After a while, the message will be read by the subconscious.  The theory of ‘The Secret’ is not magic, it appears to me to be pure science!

Sometimes we can feel the negative energy of people surrounding us. Not only from their droopy faces, but also from the energy that surrounds them. We try to push them out of our lives but they always seem to return. How can a man who keeps thinking life is miserable ever build himself a beautiful one? We do not pay attention to what we say to ourselves, the million thoughts that come across our mind everyday. As we build ourselves through the way people look at us , perhaps what we see is the reflection of what we are at a specific moment.

The book provides many references and examples to make their point crystal clear. Look at this mother who hadn’t been speaking to her own daughter for years, and who keep telling everyone ‘ My daughter will never speak to me again’. According to the author, this negative thought can only cement the fact that those two will remain on bad term. Perhaps, if she started to say to people ‘ My daughter and I are reconciled, that makes us very happy’, she will probably increase the chances of making it happen. The thought will lead to action, which will lead to results.  What I like most about this theory is that it offers an opportunity to every individual to improve their  life.

I actually recognized myself a lot in this book, and realized how much our thoughts can influence our experiences. I still remember  years ago, when I started performing abroad as a musician, I had been working in a family resort that wanted to offer me a new position in a different resort at the end of my engagement. Despite the priceless experience gained with this company, I had been looking forward to performing in a more luxurious environment. At this time of my life, my dream was to play on one of those fantastic cruise lines or on a  private yacht sailing endlessly through beautiful seas. So I declined their offer on the pretext that I had been offered a great contract onboard on of those dream ships the next month. The announcement was made public in front of 500 guests during my final performance, as this company was a little dramatic. No need to mention that at this point, I had absolutely no contract signed with any cruise line. Everyone congratulated me, wishing  me all the best. I thought about it everyday, pictured myself on a grand piano in a high end stylish bar, and soon without too much effort or research, came an email for an audition. Three months later, I was sailing on a beautiful ship, and discovering amazing places like the Ukraine, Finland, Norway, and Panama.

Was I using « The Secret » without knowing it ? What I do know is that 6 years ago, I was already picturing myself running an event agency–and it came true. When it happened in real life, I had thought about it so much, and focused all my energy into it, that there was no surprise.

I always try to correct negative thoughts  as soon as they occur. This might seem easier than what it really is. The best way to understand what I am talking about is to experience it !
I hope this post has raised your curiosity, and you might want to read this fantastic book.
See you soon, Warmest, Jean Charles

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