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There is a reason why romantic movies are often set in New York: the bright lights, the unparalleled skyline, the brooklin bridge, and the Central Park amazing scenery in every season! Many of our clients reside in New York City, and for that reason we have established an office on the 5th Avenue to meet you on the ground!

With an abundance of event spaces to choose from, New York surely has the perfect wedding venue for you.  Have you thought about the Weather Room, an event space at Top of the Rock in Midtown West, 620 Loft & Garden? Or, maybe, you prefer the lush green oasis, seven stories above Rockefeller Center, on the roof of the British Empire Building overlooking


The culture of sumptuously refined aesthetic sensibility.

Combined with an authentic work ethics, happiness is breathed into everything we touch. Our weddings are magical, and they tell stories to be treasured for a lifetime. Levels of Haute Couture and unique skill of our team make sumptuous events stands firmly as a leader in the field.