How often do you see someone crying from happiness right in front of you ?   I must admit That I have experienced more than you can imagine. I feel like I have found the most beautiful and rewarding job I could have ever dreamed of ! Taking apart the financial and logistic aspect of orchestrating someone’s wedding. At the end of the day, it is indeed the most beautiful day and most beautiful memory in many peoples’ lives. It is a celebration of a profound union, of Love and  happiness.

It is the unification of two families, the eternal vows of a life time spent together. Often it is the gathering of the people that we most cherish in life, and it happens that those same people will be most likely to be making speeches as a testimony of a friendship on the day. I have been on the front balcony several times, and heard the most amazing speeches a dad could give to his son, a sister could say to her brother, even a time when a wedding reunited families members that had not been speaking to each other for years and decided that it was the occasion for forgiveness!

Yes, there is stress on  big events such as weddings, and I do admit that it takes a toll on me. Everything is on me but I feel in charge and excited for the outcome. Isn’t the stress all part of the excitement and the fun? The pressure is high because we all know that something is about to be sealed forever: Love  and Truth . I believe many of the wedding planners are passionate people, and no matter how much they will be compensated for their service, what matters to them the most is the happiness of their clients while they do what they love best !

Another reason that I find this job so amazing is that I’m not the only one passionate about my job. Everywhere I go I meet other artists that share the same passion. I have seen florists crying while the bride hugged them and thanked them at the end of the wedding. I have seen photographers being so involved to produce the best pictures so the book of dreams could be saved and kept for a life time. Sampling dishes and wine is another fun part that amazes me. The quality of caterers is sometimes beyond amazing, and having the opportunity to taste a bit of their talent is a very appreciable treat. At last, I have found and so honored  to be so very close to my clients life for a couple of months. I wouldn’ t trade my job for nothing in the world !

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