Gluten free Wedding Cake

It’s been the third time this month that a bride is asking me for a gluten free wedding cake. We definitely always try to accomodate the couple’s dietary restricitons & allergies and I’m also happy to bring something different to a destination wedding, be it a decor, an activitie, or an entire gluten free/vegan wedding dinner !   I’m also wondering if  that new trend is just a hype or more people are truly having problems with wheat ? Before giving you the best gluten free addresses in Paris, I  have gathered some interesting fact about the topic.

On a recent late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel was asking pedestrians  who were following the gluten-free diet, what exactly was gluten ? Surprisingly none could answer precisely what it was ! Truth is that humans have been eating wheat for more than 10,000 years all around the world. The Gluten, main protein in the wheat, is composed of about 70 differents glutenin & gliadin proteins which trap gas while the dough rises, and create this specific airy bread. Wheat is actually found in numerous processed foods, such as bread, cakes, pasta, beer, making it   the ­number-one source of protein in developing countries.

Researchers think gluten sensitivity involves a general inflammation, which could have a direct impact into the  immune  system. The symptoms include joint pain, skin rashes, headaches, muscle cramps, leg numbness, weight loss, chronic fatigue, depression  an inability to focus and many allergies. This understanding of the condition could explain why so many people think they are actually gluten sensitive. It is somehow difficult to focus during a long day at work ! According to market research firm ‘Mintel’, over 20 millions Americans think gluten-free diets are probably much healthier. In addiction, 22% of Americans adults are now trying to avoid gluten, which create an estimated $8.8 billion market that grew 63% between 2012 and 2015.  Yet studies have proved that  less than 1% of all people have been diagnostic celiac disease and actually suffer from allergic reactions to ingesting wheats. So what shall we do ?

The research is still at  an early stage, physicians  haven’t found yet a  clear blood test o for people with gluten sensitivity. Until that, I personally think that it is always good to try new things, so if you have tested the gluten free diet for a little while, and feel better afterwards , there is no reasons why you should not continue, even if you are visiting Paris. We have discovered and tested some of the best gluten free places in Paris. Enjoy and let us know your feedback !


If you are looking for one of the best gluten-free pastries experience in Paris, this cosy & hipster bakery near canal saint martin, an up and coming artsy area,  is a place you should certainly try. Opened in 2011, and owned by the brilliant Marie Tagliaferro, this modern place serves anything gluten free from lunch, tea time and even a lovely brunch on sunday’s. Lemon pie, caramel eclair, kouglofs, strawberry fondant, and their typical « Mme de Fontenay » ( Salty Butter Caramel Cake ) are just delicious… just like Mme de Fontenay !  If you are into lovely china, Helmut Newcake have the cutest cups and saucers with differents patterns. For a typical Parisian experience, consider taking your little pastries to go and seat down by the canal on a bench, watching the local and little boat passing by ! Another store recently opened near Madeleine, rue vignon. There is a 10 euros limit for credit card purchases, but I’m certain you’ll probably spend more than that once you’ll see the cakes ! Crédit @ Helmut 

Helmut Newcake, 36 Rue Bichat, 75010 Paris, France / Phone:+33 9 82 59 00 39 


After spending several months testing gluten free restaurants in San Diego, Frédéric Jules, the owner of Noglu, decided to export in Paris the American concept in 2012. Ideally located in a central location, right in the middle of the romantic « Passage des panoramas », this cute restaurant is serving excellent choices of gluten free breads, pastries and dishes in a delightful & elegant atmosphere. Grilled octopus salads, entrecôte stack under a pile of cèpe mushrooms, and club sandwiches served with a fresh fruits juice to name a few tempting recipes. Noglu also bakes birthday cake on order, try the gluten free «Fraisier» !  In 2014, the restaurant opened a little store that sell home made granola, olive oil or chocolate bar, and that is right in front of the restaurant.  Lunch are served week day’s from 12pm to 2.30PM, Brunch on Saturday’s  from 11am to 3pm. The  location by itself is already a pure wonder ! Pictures @ le bonbon / les filles du web

Noglu, 16 Passage des Panoramas, 75002 Paris, France


In the very much changing 10th district of Paris, on the rue du Faubourg-Saint Denis, stands a ‘discreet’ burger dinner.  The small restaurant focuses on high quality burgers and serves some very fine beers !   The fresh premium organic meats comes daily from the next door butler ‘Le Ponclet’. PNY has decided to follow the trend and is serving until the end of September, a gluten free asian fusion inspired burger, filled with fresh avocado, ginger and shiso leaves. The fresh oven-baked bun is sprinkled with pomegranate seeds, that leaves a subtle taste in  your palate.  The venue is doing quite well and has recently opened a third location with more tasty options. A very nice place off the road to try in the new hipster district of Paris. Pictures @ yonder

PNY – 50 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris  – No reservation 


If you are looking to get one of the best gluten free bread in Paris, you should definitely try Chambelland, in the heart of the old Popincourt village. The quality of the bread & other sweet baked goods is just divine and is usually sold very quickly in the morning.  Fresh fruit tarts, focaccia, healthy pastries, cookies, brownies, that goes very well with their hot beverages. The entire range of breads is certified organic by Ecocert. A particularity of the place is that you can even buy some raw ingredients, if you feel like baking your bread at home ! The decor is very modern, cosy, and French, it definitely open your appetite. Enjoy ! Pictures @ lecanardivre / Ceedjay

Chambelladnd – 14 Rue Ternaux, 75011 Paris – Phone : 0033 1 43 55 07 30



In what used to be the gay district of Paris, ‘le Marais’, but remains one of the most beautiful part of the old city, CAFE PINSON is a great choice for  an healthy organic food and gluten free terrific experience. Founded in december 2012, by Agathe & Damien, both gourmet organic food lovers, they successfuly combined passion & healthy living way of life ! The decor is quite minimalist , yet modern and cosy by the designer Dorothée Meilichzon.  A second cafe restaurant opened recently in the 10th arrondissement. Try the butternut’s curry, chocolat mousse or Apple Vanilla Crumble, absolutely everything is GF, organics and without any dairies. Pictures  @cafépinson/Julie Ansiau

Café Pinson, 19 rue de Chaillot , 75010 Paris

Picture Article @ Zoe bradley / my french life

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