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We have the passion and expertise to create the event of your dreams. From initial concepts leading all the way up until the big day, we will coordinate each and every detail exactly to your specifications. We understand that your desires are unique, and with our dedication your event will reflect your style and personality. With Sumptuous Events, event planning need not be stressful. We establish a positive and responsive relationship with our clients, to ease your mind and ensure that everything is in order for the event. We will tailor your wedding around your heritage and culture, with personal touches and attention to all the important details. In addition, we now offer customized linen rental to add another layer of excellence to our services.

Full Wedding Planning

H A U T E    C O U T U R E

With limitless imagination, Sumptuous Events’ haute couture service is number one. First we create an initial concept based on your dreams. Selecting the perfect venue, orchestrating beautiful lighting, accenting the space with elegant flowers and atmospheric décor are all elements in our expert design services. Our perfectionism means that we can create the wedding you desire no matter what style you have in mind, from you  extravagant dreams to more traditional concepts. We guide you through each step of planning, from the selection of stationary and wines to the ceremony itself. We are deeply committed to producing an occasion of unparalleled perfection.


Cultural Events


We cherish the diversity and beauty of traditions and religions from around the world, and always welcome the opportunity to plan cultural events such as Mehndi and Sangeet Night, Indian and Pakistani weddings; Chinese special events and tea ceremonies; and Jewish cultural events such as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. We’ll bring together the best vendors that specialize in your cultural events for the best experience possible.


Take a deep breath! You have always had talent for organization, and spent months of hard work to plan your perfect day. But now it is time for you to relax, pamper yourself and enjoy your day to the fullest as you welcome your beloved guests. We will take care of the logistics and details to ensure a spectacular day. We check everything down to the last minute so you have nothing to worry about.

Corporate Events


We put together stunning business events, marked with the luxury Sumptuous Events is known for. Corporate premiers or fundraising events are just a few of the corporate events we offer. We understand the importance of presentation, showcasing your style and executive qualities. We excel in producing the right atmosphere for your company’s needs to create a satisfying, memorable event. Stand apart from the crowd and host a business event that is unique and interesting. Guests will be impressed for years to come when you host a corporate event produced by Sumptuous Events.


E L O P E M E N T  &  P R O P O S A L

For couples overwhelmed at the idea of planning a large-scale wedding, or perhaps simply prefer a more intimate affair in Paris, we have created two different packages suited for their needs. Each package comes with advice, consultation and day-of-event coordination. Paris is the global capital of romance, the ideal location for a stunning elopement. Although French citizenship is required for a legal marriage in France, our experience has shown that this celebration is more than just a piece of paper and can symbolize a truly profound union. Contact us and ask about our different packages to find out what is best suited for your needs.