Decorate Your Christmas Table

Hello beautiful people, I hope everything is going well for you! Although the outside temperature recently got a little colder, we are all starting to fill jolly; the holiday spirit is definitely in the air. Hurray!! That’s definitely one of my favorite parts of the year. I love selecting Christmas cards for my VIP friends, choosing a real Christmas tree and decorating it, while enjoying some Christmas carols. At night, I love wandering through the streets of Paris, watching the christmas decoration, as well as the amazing illuminated animation displays in the big department stores. The ones at ‘le Bon Marché’ are my favorite, less crowded, and always very original.

It is also a time when you will probably host many festive dinners, for your colleagues, your families and friends. So you have chosen what you are going to cook, perhaps a roasted dinner, or something less traditional, now you are looking for some original ideas to decorate your festive table. And perhaps you are trying to impress your guests with new things? Here are a few suggestions that might make a nice effect. Instead of using a traditional table runner, you could make your own with real moss, branches of pine tree and leaves. You can decorate your table with the real small green cabbage that comes in a silver pot. Try a monochrome color scheme all over your decoration.
Fill transparent cylinders with red apples, use a satin red table cloth, red votive candles. You can also hang a red beaded garland around the table. Instead of displaying the traditional lighting garland on the table, you could place it under a bright table cloth. The table will glow from above!

There is something unique about candles; they immediately give a romantic elegant atmosphere. What about being a little extravagant and using a lot of them on your table and all over your lounge? The trick is to use different sized candles, as well as different candle holders. I would suggest choosing just one color; white is always a perfect choice. If you have the means to do so, you can ornate your table with tall chandeliers, and stuff flowers on the base or in the middle.

You could try to give a frosted look to your festive table! Only use white and silver table ware, clear table cloths and napkins. You can easily get those bomb sprays from any decoration store, they come with frost effect, silver glitter, and fake snow. You can spray the bottom of the wine glasses; a traditional chargeur will get a festive look once sprayed. Set out old-fashioned rock candy sticks usually used as coffee stirrers to decorate the table. Why not add a centerpiece made of bomb spray branches and white hydrangea. You can use a lace table runner for a vintage look.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Warmest, Jean Charles

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