Donation In Lieu Of Wedding Favor

In destination weddings, the couple often put together a welcome bag or basket, full of goodies, maps,  and information regarding the events that will take place during the weekend. The guests receive the bag upon their arrival and it is very usually very appreciated, and it sets the tone of the event. The more pricy the goodies are, the more lavish the celebration is going to be.

In addition to that, it is a very common practice to offer a little gift to your guests on the D-DAY, the traditional wedding favor. Favors can be displayed all together on a table somewhere near the ceremony where the guests  may pick them up, or separately  on each plate during the wedding dinner. If you are short of inspiration, you’ll find hundreds of ideas on Pinterest, like a traditional box of macaroons, candles with matches, or chocolates, scratch tickets, coffee spoons, personalized water bottles—the list goes on and on.

Although all those ideas are wonderful and truly thoughtful, there’s a new trend that, in my opinion, beats them all. What about making a donation to an organization or a cause that matters to you, in lieu of a wedding favor?  To be presented in the best possible taste, I wouldn’t recommend to placing cards on every table, but rather to display a discreet sign near the wedding registration. It may not be a traditional ‘favor’ for your guests, but it certainly shows that you are thinking about everyone on “your” day. It is a beautiful sentiment and is sure to be appreciated by friends and family.  It also doesn’t take away the fact that they are going to be spoiled in food, drinks and music all day. Let’s face it, who really needs another magnet for their refrigerator, or a cute bottle stopper? A word of warning however, if you choose to make a charitable donation, carefully choose the organization. Weddings are probably not the place to advertise religious or political donations, try to keep the tone of your event light and peaceful in every way.

Pictures :  provide beautiful personalized stationary for your wedding.

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