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The heart wants what it wants, and nothing else! We have been fortunate enough to witness another proof of the true and timeless love. The events we organize are always glamorous, and we enjoy the glitters and the sparks, but behind all that, sometimes we find the magic that no money can ever buy. The magic that all humans dream of is to love and be loved in return. It is the kind of love that you can simply feel from the photos! It is the story of Aakash and Shivana, the luxury Paris Proposal.

At the end of the winter, Aakash reached to us to help him in coming up with a magnificent proposal for his special girlfriend, a pretty and elegant girl, well-educated girl he met eight years before and fell in love with the very same moment! As their souls recognized each other immediately, his vision was clear and he knew the celebration should revolve the infinity theme: the number 8!

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Aakash has met Shivanah in a college. Being separated for a while, this couple is proof that long distance relationship will certainly work if both people are truly looking in the same direction. Yet, to succeed, it is essential to overcome the fear of being loved and to choose love. Beyond the fear, beyond the comfort zone, and beyond the doubt is the answer that will enlighten your soul.

Aakash and I started to call each other regularly and to build up a wonderful plan. Soon, I started to admire Aakash, his vision of life, his respect for all things, and his dedication to our work! I do not often meet someone as OCD like myself, and I was ready to take the challenge! The fantastic moments I shared with Aakash are the proof of my belief that the people who come into our lives always teach us something about ourselves.

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 Thus, an amazing privilege of my job has been always to meet great and inspiring people. Although we have encountered some difficulties along the way, most notably regarding THE perfect venue, I never doubted that the outcome would be spectacular. Planning tip: you might want to consider this venue for your destination wedding in Paris

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Aakash would always propose unexpected and original ideas. He came up with a splendid bag, custom designed by the top leather goods producer in the world, with the engraved message ‘Would you marry me?’ Our team was thrilled by this unique idea!

When the special day came, Aakash and Shivanah stayed in one of the prettiest suites at the iconic Shangri La Hotel Paris, with a great terrace overlooking the Eiffel Tower. The day started very early with a visit from one of the top hair & makeup artists, Mr. Harold James, who pampered Shivanah and revealed her inner beauty completely.

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Later, the beautiful couple got escorted to the flagship house of Luis Vuitton in Asnières, that can only be visited by their most VIP clients. Shivanah was one of them, as a true admirer of the brand and all their amazing leather goods. We couldn’t take any pictures to respect the privacy of the place, but for sure, their experience was beyond expectations. Afterwards, we organized a delicious lunch at LA BAUHINIA, famous for its extraordinary culinary experience. 

At this point, we came out with the video and photo team, and Shivanah realized that something exceptional is going on. We escorted the couple to the beautiful ‘Jardin d’Acclimation’ a beautiful park in the vanity of Paris that features the Louis Vuitton Foundation –  a perfect scenery for the spectacular proposal photography. The atmosphere became both magical and electric, as Shivanah has probably started wondering when she would get proposed and what surprises had Aakash planned for her!

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Back to the Shangri La, James Harold came again to offer a second look. For the occasion, Shivanah was wearing a magnificent burgundy couture gown from XXX.  When she was ready, I personally escorted her to the salon, where she discovered a meaningful set up: 8 portraits surrounded a white totem on which the customized handbag was placed. I invited Shivanah to cut the eight ribbons, and suddenly, Aakash appeared. It was hard for Shivanah to hold her emotions, and I must admit, neither of us could! We were lucky to witness an unbelievable proof of true love.

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Aakash gave one of the most beautiful love declarations we have ever heard to Shivanah. He emphasized that everything comes to those who wait. Patience is the key to happiness. Of course, she said yes, and we all cheered up with some Dom Perignon champagne. The magical moment was followed a photo session at the Louvres and Alexander the 3rd Bridge, led by the talented Fran Boloni, from The Paris Photographer, probably the most wanted Paris photographer.

Finally, I welcomed the couple at the Cristal Room Bacarat. It features a museum of their prettiest crystal pieces, a store, a unique restaurant, and one of the most beautiful salon gold ornate with minor everywhere. The tablescape was inspired by the infinity theme, with dancing clouds of flowers over reflecting mirrors. Orange and blue were the colors to resemble the leather good color theme. In the center of the table were swimming two redfish, little did they know they were the symbol an endless love.

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The elegant stationery was designed by Julien Presburger, with love message engraved for eternity on dark acrylic board. In fact, it represents a little love temple we built in honor of the couple. 

 A super original cake was designed by CupsieCake, one of the top cake designers in Paris. The couple enjoyed live music from XX to accompany dinner and danced together through the night. We wish them a long life of happiness and eternal love, sincerely hope to come across their path again.

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VENDOR LIST : Photographer – THE PARIS PHOTOGRAPHER / Videographer – TUAN NGUYEN / Wedding Planner, Production & Floral Design : SUMPTUOUS EVENTS / Cake designer – CUPSICAKE / Stationnary – ATELIER PRESZBURGER  – Venue 1 : SHANGRI LA HOTEL  PARIS – Venue 2 :  BACCARAT CRISTLA ROOM – Hair & Make up : HAROLD JAMES .

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