The best Luxury Wedding Venues in France

What are the best Luxury Wedding Venues in France?

The abundance of breathtaking wedding venues in France is due to its rich history, art, and culture. A luxury Wedding in France will be memorable for you and your guests. Whether it’s a destination wedding or an elopement. 

Foremost, I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year 2021. The challenging 2020 is finally behind all of us. We can only hope for the next twelve months to be calmer and happier. The past year hasn’t been exactly what we had planned. Many of our couples had to decide to postpone their wedding to 2021. I remain optimistic about the future. When couples and guests will be able to travel, there will be a lot of weddings to plan and design. Love will always win!  So in today’s blog article, I am going to talk about the best luxury wedding venues in France. 

Finding the perfect wedding venue is not an easy mission, especially when the couple lives abroad. In fact, there are so many options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an elegant ballroom, a five-star hotel, or a private mansion in a beautiful estate. If France is a pretty small country, it still features hundreds of castles and incredible wedding & events spaces. I am excited to share some of my favorites tips for finding your dream venue. I have classified for you to find exactly what you need. 

If you are planning a modern wedding, you can consider a museum or an art gallery. The only downsides are the restrictions in terms of noises or insurances.  Choosing a wedding venue that fits in with your theme will allow your design to feel more connected to space.

My team and I are very familiar with the capabilities of space. We know the time you’ll need to really transform it. In addition, if you are looking to celebrate an outdoor ceremony in a garden not too far from Paris. We know directly the venues to show you. If there is a creative way to make your space unique, we will know how to make it happen

Big luxury wedding venues. For over the top, big weddings.

Who likes a big over the top event? Are you already familiar with our work and have gone through our portfolio? You may have realized that we love producing beautiful opulent weddings.  We will talk about the over the top events & wedding spaces to organize the most luxury wedding. Makes a statement and an incredible impression on your guests.

Opera Garnier 

Opera Garnier weddings are probably the most luxurious and exceptional. Reserved for the most upscale event, it has hosted the most decadent soirée & fête in France. Home to the Paris Opéra created by the iconic Charles Garnier in the late eighteenth century. This incredible event space features the most lavish interior directly inspired by the Versailles Castles. The spectacular marble staircase is the masterpiece of the space. It looks like it has been plucked straight from a fairytale movie. 

Ornate high ceiling and grandiose chandeliers are what makes the venue so unique, and one of our forever favorites. Palais Garnier can host up to 2000 guests and features many spaces. In addition, the Italian style main auditorium,  bedecked in gold and red, features 2,105 velvet-covered seats. It is perfect to host a celebrity act performance. Are you are dreaming of a large Arabic wedding, Indian wedding, or Lebanese wedding that requires a large venue? The foyers of the Palais Garnier is definitely the perfect wedding venue for you.

For a micro, the Rotonde des Abonnés is a great circular space that fits up to 400 people. In conclusion, the Opera Garnier Perfect for lavish wedding receptions, sit down dinners, and performances, you can fit up to 1,400 guests! 

Musee Rodin

Are you dreaming of a wedding ceremony in a museum, surrounded by iconic paintings? Located in the center of Paris on the left bank of the Seine River, stands one of the most renowned museums of all time, the Musée Rodin. It is featuring the majority of the original artwork and sculpture from the sculptor Auguste Rodin. The Thinker, The Kiss, and The Gates of Hell are some of the wonders. It is a  perfect venue for an outdoor wedding, Lebanese or Indian wedding.

Most couples decide to build a glass structure marquee or a tent in the back lawn surrounding the 18th-century mansion. Furthermore, allowing them to play music without restrictions all night long.  In addition, this exclusive Paris wedding venue has seen many fashion shows, such as  Christian Dior’s SS14 Collection and the SS18 collection.

The park features three-hectare of stunning gardens and offers direct views of the Eiffel Tower and the Invalides gold Domes.  The interior also known as Hotel Byron features tall mirrors surmounted by grand fireplaces, gold leaf finishes ornament. A dramatic staircase is simply perfect for first look and engagement photos. In conclusion, it is one of the best luxury wedding venues in France

Château de Versailles 

Palace of Versailles weddings is the ultimate supreme dream for couples around the world. Located about 16 kilometers south-west of Paris, Chateau de Versailles was built under the reign of Louis XIV, and his descendants. Similarly, it ceased to be the permanent royal residence after the French Revolution in 1789. Hosting a Versailles royal destination wedding is totally possible with Sumptuous Events. 

Part of a central large complex that housed the French government and royalty. Coined as a manifestation of glory and power imposed to a great extent of magnificence. It includes the iconic castle, royal gardens, and walled-in royal hunting ground.  Furthermore, it attracts thousands of tourists each year and can add a special touch to your Palace of Versailles wedding. 

The French palace is decorated with an abundance of priceless paintings and sculptures. The ornately designed rooms including the famous Hall of Mirrors are sparkling with gold and crystals. Sculptured water fountains in its gardens use pressure to orchestrate the jets of water in the air. 

Your chateau de Versailles wedding can take place in the elegant Cotelle Gallery. The Grand Trianon, the Galerie des Batailles, or the crusade room, are incredible event spaces. In addition, the Orangerie is perfect for a large celebration. In conclusion, celebration in the Versailles hall will be the grandest statement for all your guests.  

Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte

The Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte carries an extraordinary history. It is a perfect luxury wedding venue for the couple looking to make a statement.   Purchased by Nicolas Fouquet in 1641, it had been transformed by the Architect Louis Le Vau, the landscape gardener André Le Notre, and the painter Charles Le Brun.

In addition, they composed an unparalleled harmony! Nicolas Fouquet became a victim of King Louis XIV’s jealousy and was arrested on his orders. Everything in Vaux-le-Vicomte was removed – from the tapestries to the paintings.

The Castle was put up for auction in 1875 and abandoned for five decades. Alfred Sommier bought the estate and returned the estate to its original glory. Therefore, this dream continues today thanks to its descendants. 

Hosting the perfect proposal, event, or destination wedding, in the château Vaux le Vicomte is a dream. Furthermore, the layout features rooms side by side rather than on different floors, making the size of Vaux-le-Vicomte appear bigger. To conclude, it is probably the best luxury wedding venues in France

The formal gardens of Vaux-le-Vicomte make an idyllic wedding ceremony backdrop.  It offers several angles and spots possible, you may prefer to have the castle in the ground or the fountains. Above all, if you are looking for an opulent indoor event, the Grand Salon can fit up to 150 guests. The exquisite interiors offer some of the finest event backdrops.

In other words, whether it is an Indian wedding, a Lebanese wedding, or an Arabic wedding. Jean-Charles Vaneck and his team of best wedding planners will put together an amazing celebration. Are you ready to become a guest at your own event?   

Petit Palais

LE Petit Palais is an iconic art museum in the 8th district of Paris. Built for the 1900 universal exhibition, it now houses the City of Paris Museum of Fine Arts. Above all, it is located across from the Grand Palais on Avenue Winston-Churchill. The Petit Palais was built to become a permanent fine arts museum after the exhibition

The Petit Palais is one of the best events and most opulent wedding venues in Paris.  This iconic museum holds some of the best French art, painting, and an array of incredible furniture.  In addition, the Salon Sud features spectacular twenty-five meters ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. The neutral white moldings and tones throughout the ceilings lend the venue setting perfect for any type of event.  

the focal point of the façade is a central archway set in an archivolt. It is topped by a grand dome and reached by a broad set of steps. These wings, continuing to the end corner pavilions, are embellished with free-standing columns that frame the tall windows. Therefore, the museum is a perfect balance between the 1900’s style and modernity.

An outstanding typical Parisian best wedding venue for your consideration. It can host top of the range luxury events with great breadth in the South Gallery. Similarly, an intimate celebration can be celebrated in the beautiful inner garden and peristyle.

The Petit Palais is distinctive for the variety of its interior spaces, the cleverness designed. The diversity within its elaborate decor is a perfect match for luxury events.  In conclusion, it offers an ideal space for creating unforgettable wedding designed by Jean-Charles Vaneck, the best wedding planner in France.

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Situated a short 35-minute drive from the Nice international airport, the Villa  Ephrussi de Rothschild is a dreamy location. A short drive from the Four Seasons Grand-Hotel du Cap Ferrat which, is one of Jean-Charles Vaneck, favorite 5 stars hotels.  

Considered one of the best wedding venues on the French Riviera, The Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is a historic French seaside villa. This rose-colored villa comes from the magical collaboration of Baroness Beatrice de Rothschild and Aaron Messiah, a French architect. In addition, the construction of this flamboyant structure started in the early nineteenth. It took almost seven years to complete, which was fairly long for that time. 

The Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild wedding is remarkable for the nine themed Ephrussi de Rothschild Gardens that surround the estate. Similarly, you may consider the Florentine garden, the Rose Garden, or the Garden de Sevres, for your intimate ceremony. Furthermore, it allows guests to admire the spectacular views overlooking the stunning bay of Beaulieu Sur Mer and Villefranche-sur-Mer.

The villa remains an epitome of stylish French elegance. where Every wedding couple would find unmatched luxury. This is part of the best luxury wedding venues in France.

The spectacular views and outside seating arrangements can host up to 300 guests. The French Gardens feature a stunning replica of the Temple of Love. It stands in the Grand Palace Trianon Gardens. Similarly, it creates an incredible backdrop and a perfect addition to your dining area. Furthermore, the fountains can also be illuminated to a music playlist of your choice. In conclusion, the icing on the cake is that it is possible to throw a spectacular firework show from Villefranche Sur Mer. 

Small luxury wedding venues. Suitable for a small or intimate wedding.

Ranking with bridal gowns, browsing through venues is one of the most challenging parts of the planning process. Many couples may choose a micro wedding. An elopement or an intimate affair can be the most intimate setting. France offers many intimate wedding venues. 

Hotel de Crillon

Plunge into a world of refinement and decadent luxury. The Hôtel de Crillon set the stage for a memorable destination wedding and celebration. It is a fairy-tale location overlooking the iconic Place de la Concorde. It features 78 guest rooms and 46 suites, three restaurants, a bar, and an outdoor terrace. The hotel underwent a big renovation from 2013 to 2017

The building was constructed in 1758 after  Louis XV commissioned the architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel to build two neoclassical palaces. It became the famous Place de la Concorde. After that, the two identical buildings, separated by the Rue Royale were first designed to be offices of the French state. 

The hotel’s elegant salons overlook the Place de la Concorde. The exquisite Salon Marie-Antoinette opens to a terrace with views of the Eiffel Tower and other Parisian landmarks. Furthermore, the Salon des Aigles, the hotel’s grandest venue, can be combined with two other salons to accommodate up to 220 guests. Lofty and distinctly Parisian, Salon des Batailles has been meticulously restored to highlight its history and prestige.

Similarly, it remains a wonderful intimate wedding venue that Sumptuous Events. After that, do you want your french wedding planner to help you make your dreams come true?

Ritz Hotel

Some people would say that the palace Ritz Paris needs no introduction. Furthermore, Ritz Paris was considered to be the most innovative hotel in the city when it opened its doors in 1898. In addition, It was the first Parisian hotel to have electricity, a private bathroom, and lifts.

Overflowing with French opulence, the Ritz is considered today to be one of the most luxurious hotels in Paris. The most expensive rooms and signature  Prestige Suites are all situated at the top of the hotel. They are overlooking the Place Vendôme.

LE Ritz Hotel offers an incredible choice of restaurants.  L’Espadon is a Michelin-starred restaurant that serves contemporary luxury recipes. Similarly,  the Bar Vendôme, the Ritz Bar, and the Bar Hemingway are usually packed in the evening. It is a perfect wedding venue to host an opulent Arabic wedding or a lavish Indian destination wedding. 

Whether your wedding is an intimate ceremony hosted in the beautiful courtyard or an elopement in a suite. First of all, The differents salons can accommodate up to 220 seated guests. Secondly, the Grand Jardin may also be privatized alone and personalized to adapt to every overseas couple’s inquiries.  In addition, on the wedding day, Executive Chef Nicolas Sale will take you on an unforgettable culinary journey. 

Château de Villette 

The Villette Caste, also named “Le Petit Versailles” is a  stunning property located 40 minutes away from Paris. It is absolutely perfect for an intimate celebration, micro wedding, and luxury elopement.  For instance, classified as a historical landmark since 1942, the Château de Villette is one of the most remarkable châteaux around Paris. Set in a 75 hectares woodland natural park, with two lakes, a cascade fountain, and an orangery. Above all, it simply epitomizes luxury and French elegance. 

Originally designed by architect François Mansart for the Count of Aufflay, the garden was designed by André Le Nôtre. Above all, it underwent later several modifications. The former owners of the Château, in the 18th century,  Mrs. Sophie de Grouchy was often inviting the leading intellectual. Château de Villette has now been the sanctuary for many celebrities.

Tom Cruise, John  Travolta, or the legendary Lenny Kravitz stayed in the castle. Similarly, it was also a source of inspiration for Dan Brown, who wrote the “Da Vinci Code” while staying at the Chateau. You may recognize some locations in the movie.

Because the castle isn’t open to the public, it can become your own private luxury private home. Above all, there are no restrictions for timing or sound. The Castle features 15 suites designed by Jacques Garcia, with the finest ancient decora element. The venue features the finest art pieces collection which will astonish you and your guests.

Although the indoor maximum capacity is 80 guests, it is possible to build a glass structure in the garden. Furthermore, You can also have your own fireworks with no restrictions. In conclusion, it is the best luxury wedding venues in France

Hotel de Paris – Monte Carlo

Sitting right in front of the Place du Casino de Monaco, the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo is a legendary hotel. Similarly, it makes the perfect south of France wedding venue. Following several years of transformation, the Hôtel is delighted to unveil its new rooms where everything from the materials to the facilities provided has been specially designed for a 5-star experience. 

For a luxury wedding stay in Monaco like no other, the hotel is simply without equal on the French Riviera. After that, due to the elegant large hall, gold trim, spectacular crystal chandelier, this hotel is a dream venue! After that, wedding ceremonies and cocktails reception can be held on the large terrace overlooking the harbor of Monaco. 

A delicious celebration of the Mediterranean cuisine, with world-renowned chefs Alain Ducasse at the Hôtel de Paris, paying vibrant homage to the Mediterranean Sea. You can admire its vast beauty from the panoramic terrace on the eighth floor of the hotel. Above all, Whether it’s drinking tea in the superb Jewellers’ Courtyard, sipping on a cocktail, and enjoying live jazz at Le Bar Américain, there are all sorts of unique experiences to be had at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo. 

In conclusion, the adventure continues outside of the hotel with Monaco’s new business and luxury shopping district,  One Monte-Carlo, where there are exciting things to discover.

Cap Eden Rock

For every couple looking for a luxury wedding venue, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc is an incredible destination wedding venue located on the Côte d’Azur in the South of France. It is located on Cap d’Antibes. In addition, following a massive restoration 38 years, after it had been purchased by the couple Maja and Rudolph Oetker in 1969, this luxury resort boasts an ethereal setting – perfect for any type of celebration.  

Perfectly located on the Cap d’ Antibes, a short distance from Cannes, on the French Riviera, the award-winning resort hallmarks what it truly means to be surrounded by opulence & luxury.  Above all, boasting decadent architecture, dramatic interiors, and Mediterranean infinite coastline that looks like it is part of a film-set, the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc is a south-of-France wedding venue for couples who deserve white gloves services.  The rich history and the stunning private views of the coastline is the perfect backdrop for a memorable destination wedding reception 

The Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc is synonymous with tranquility and paradise, which could be why it has been the desired retreat for so many of history’s famous personalities such as Clint Eastwood   Leonardo DiCaprio. In addition, choosing this south of France wedding venue to host your luxury wedding in France will never cease to blow your mind.

To conclude, whether it is the magnificent outdoors, the fabulous garden overlooking the sea, or the rich history of the Hotel, you and your fiance will be sure to have the experience of a lifetime

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