Best Florist in France – The art of floral design

Also know as the Kind of Opulence,  Jean Charles Vaneck  design incredible wedding with dedication to flowers, and conceptualise  extraordinary floral wedding arrangements. He celebrates  emotion, spontaneity and opulence through the language of flowers. The Art of floral design contrast with the aesthetics of maximalism. Hence, he has became the best florist in France !

Whether you’re dreaming of the most intricate floral bouquet or breathtaking decor, Jean Charles Vaneck got it all. Above all, his zest for pushing creative boundaries ensures that your event isn’t just another event, but a floral masterpiece! Generally, Jean Charles Vaneck has been the game-changer in the floral art industry for 10 years in France. First thing to remember, he is that genius transforms entire spaces into floral fantasies.  

Introduction on floral arrangement – Best florist

Flowers are a major key component of a beautiful South of France wedding. Floral design can be nearly found everywhere in the luxury destination wedding that he produce. Starting with oversized centerpieces, ceremony decor, floral altar and bridal bouquet.  Further, his business journey brought him from wedding planning, to staging design and lush floral decoration.  Sumptuous Events is widely recognized as the best wedding planner in France. After that, he is also the best florist in France. All in all, let’s find out why floral design remain the most important aspect of a luxury  wedding. 

Becoming the best florist in France 

Jean Charles Vaneck founded Sumptuous Events 10 years ago, thinking back then, that the wedding industry was saturated. Little did he know, he would be creating a new type of ultra high end market, and  be recognized as the most exclusive floral designer in Europe. Things didn’t happen in a blink of an eyes. Becoming the best florist in Paris  was a long process. As shown above, his signature style has inspired many other florist in the world.

The origins of his passion for flowers 

His passion for flowers is coming from his Grand father. He nurtured beautiful garden in every house that he has been living in. Basically, that was the first criteria he was looking for when buying a new home. He was gardening his flowers and plants for several hours every day. Every morning selecting the most beautiful roses that he was cutting for his grand mother. Meanwhile, they stayed together their entire live. This is probably the most beautiful inspiring love story ever. A reminder that true love was possible. For that reason, they both brought him  luck! 

Jean Charles vaneck became the best florist in France by as succession of events. Lake Como wedding planner or Paris wedding planner, he started his career  into event organization. As a matter of fact, He couldn’t find the best florist in Paris who was able to execute what his wanted for his clients. Thus, he learnt about Paris wedding design during different floral workshop.  In addition, he studied floral arrangement, floral species and colors.

The Floral signature of Jean Charles Vaneck – Best florist in France

From Island-inspired  arrangements to elaborate luxury floral designs, and everything in between, the sky is his limit! Although many couples are skeptical about the amount they should allocate to their wedding florals, he is advising to ensure great floral designs in all the spaces at a South of France wedding. Another key point, he make flowers a high priority for their wedding.  Jean Charles Vaneck is the best florist in France.

He mainly use fresh flowers, without any filler or greeneries. Start with an inspiration board and take it from here.  And if you’re curious about his flower obsessions, Jean Charles Vaneck have got a soft spot for anthurium, cymbidium, dahlias, and orchids. Although this may be true, Jean charles  creativity knows no boundaries. From weaving fruits and painted dry flowers into his arrangements to sprinkling unique personal touches like birds or original candles,  he is  always aiming to surprise.

The love affair Jean Charles Vaneck has with flowers is straight out of a fairy tale.  The fresh  florals that he use could make a gloomy room feel like a spring morning. It’s a passion for grandeur that became a floral obsession, highly admired by his peer. The best florist in France is available throughout Europe!

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