How choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Are you planning to tie the knot soon and create a memorable wedding event for your loved one? If yes, I have put together some information that could help choosing your photographer for your wedding. The important thing to understand here is that we cannot finalize the photographer just like we choose our caterers, florists, and decorators, because in this case we can only see the results when it ends. The particularity about wedding is that it happens usually only once, so it is important to ensure that you get the best wedding photographer according to your needs and preferences, as they won’t be a second chance to replay your event, if you are not happy with the images. I have figured out a few key tips to be kept in mind :

Choose a Style : First of all, I would highly recommend to choose a photographer that specialize in weddings. Photographers are artists, and they all have different style. While I personally love a very sophisticated and glossy look, with a bit of edition, some of you might prefer a more natural style. Make your photographer aware of the type of pictures you are looking for, but also don’t be afraid to ask for recommandation and advices. While it is probably your first wedding, they have done hundreds, and they know which angle will be flattering. It will help the photographer to create several ideas before the D-Day. If you are going for a vintage wedding, remember to keep it simple and highly elegant. Mixing candid shoot , (photo journalist) and portraits is a the best solution.

Carefully Choose the Package: Before approaching any professional photographer, get a clear idea about how many memories you would like to secure. Some people prefer the photographers on just the wedding day only, but others, including me, like to capture every special moment from pre wedding functions to the post wedding receptions. Some provide an elegant printed album with the highlights, while some other would ask you to pay for uploading the images. If you enjoyed your pre wedding shoot, the best solution is to use the same photographers if you are getting married in the same city. Who owns the pictures ? That’s a very good question,and it seems the more logical answer is that the photographer does own all your pictures. Unless you are looking to buy the license of each pictures, which would obviously cost a fortune, I really suggest to discuss this matters prior to booking the vendors. So you know what to expect.

Allow a good Budget: I know we all dig deeper in order to find the best, but usually the best photographers charge more for a reason. Their camera , gear and software are extremely expensive. Don’t be surprised to see your fine photographer arriving at your event with 2 or 3 cameras.

Go through the Portfolios: Do not settle down easily. Yes, with my experience and extensive research, I know that photographers show only the best they have got. So before finalizing the photographer, go through almost all of a photographer’s work. Read their reviews, and try to see if you like the personality of the photographer, it takes time but will help you making the best decision. While the decision remains yours, there is a couple of amazing photographers in Paris I’m very confident to recommand.

An assistant photographer: Many photographers prefer to have second shooters to help them out during events, especially big weddings. I would highly recommend that option, as your event will be captured from a second total different angle, images you would never see. That avoid the photographers to run around during the ceremony, maybe one could focus on close up, while the assistant can get a general picture from, and shoot some of your family and friend ’s reaction.

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