Finding THE perfect wedding rings is indeed a tricky task and you could end up taking much longer then what you thought. Not only does it symbolise the union sealed with your loved one, but also because you are going to wear this ring on your  finger for the rest of your life, you want it to be as beautiful as the love you have for each other. It has to  reflect your personality, match your elegance and perhaps impress people around you. Either you want to have your names engraved within, or get a sense of what’s being done in other cultures, I hope that you will find some help in making your choice. Remember, diamonds are the girls ’s best friends !  So gentleman, this article is also for you !

The Origins

Although it seems a little unclear in the history, it is being said that, more than 3000 years before jesus christ, the oldest Egyptian civilisation were the first to use rings as a symbol of unity . A ring has indeed a perfect shape, and because there is no end, it is infinite ! Nowadays, often made of gold, it was made out of hemps and reeds. Historian found some wedding scene described on papyrus scrolls.

It has also appeared that Egyptians were already wearing those rings on the ring finger of their left hands, believing the veins that was in this finger was directly connected to the heart. Curiously,  this traditions travelled through the centuries and the different culture of the world, nowadays it has almost haven’t changed.

In ancient Rome, the rings was more like a symbol of possession. I always thought the Roman were a little misogyne !  And listen to that, the mariage were classified by the social class of the couple. The most rare was the material used of for the  ring, the more wealthy was the couple. But don’t worry, poor people were not using papers rings. The first classification was named ‘Usus’ for the lowest class, the second ‘Coemptio’ for the middle class, and finally ‘Confarreatio’ was  reserved for ‘la creme de la creme’,  iron was the must have material !


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The rings in different culture

Almost every culture celebrate mariage around the world, in a different way. From color theme, to food traditions, or sophisticated ritual, each culture has it’s own way to celebrate love. However exchanging rings is something that remains a universal symbolism of endless love. In the united states, there’s a ring for each stage, first, the engagement ring, then the traditional wedding ring and finally the ring of eternity, which is given during the first wedding anniversary or the upcoming of the baby.  The Native American still use the materials that links to their own culture : silver and decorated with natural materials such as red coral or shells.

For the asian people, the ring is only being seen as the seal of a legal contract. The brittle material would make it fell apart when taken off. That could prevent an unfaithful spouse to remove it from her finger during her husband’s long absence.

The technical guide : The Four C’s !

Unless you are really attracted by the idea of having a ring made of hemps, it is now your turn to decide what you really want to seal your love with…and it should last a lifetime !  The first question you need to ask yourself, is how much you are planning to spend on the weddings rings ?

The  budget for that should be tuned with the standards of your wedding. Think about how much you are allocating for flowers and musicians for one night !  The price-range can really depends on the metals and stones used. If having matching rings turns you up, remember that men rings can be a little thicker and something embellished and feminine for the bride. But that should entirely remain up to you, your taste and personality !  At this  point, you need to start getting familiar with diamonds and the process that famously starts with the four C’s. Every jeweler will provide a more detailed presentation about the following :

Carat: It doesn’t take a clever mind to understand that the weight of the stone will directly impact on the budget of the wedding rings.  The average for a wedding ring is a tad over one carat.

Clarity: While imperfections cannot be seen without magnifying glass, they still exists !  It includes microscopique mineral deposits and fractures in the stones.  For information, the scale ranges between F, that stands for flawless, SI1 that contains slight imperfections but will still do a great effect, and finally I3, the one that you may want to avoid buying.

Color:  Yes , there’s different colors of diamonds, from yellowish to completely transparent, even very subtle, a jeweler will tell you that it does matter. The clearest diamonds are ranked D or E , and it really goes all the way down to the letter Z.

Cut:  We all know that a diamond can reflect light, but take a moment at the store to  notice how flashy and stunning can be some stones. The grade also ranges from outstanding to poor. There’s so many cut a diamond can have, like round,  pear,  radiant or heart.. It is really up to personal choices, but it seems pear shape are back in trends in 2015.


You might not be able to compete with the world’s biggest diamond  on earth, the  Allnatt Diamond, which has size of 101.29 carat (20.258 g) and was sold  $ 3 Millions, but I am certain you are going to make an excellent choice and be both happy for the rest of your life with it !

PLease, come back soon, we are already writing a fabulous article about flowers and their meanings !
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