If you want to have a fantastic wedding, the whole unique experience should start with a memorable proposal. It is a special moment when a couple decides to seal their love. Getting engaged means giving a promise to spend the rest of the life together and take care of each other for eternity, ‘until the end of time‘.

Soon after the New year, Fawwaaz, originally from Trinidad & Tobago, looked for our event planning help. His wish was to create the most phenomenal proposal in Paris ever for the incredible woman he is deeply in love.

“Together, we came up with a plan that until now could have been seen only in fairy tales !”

As we all know, there can be hardly a better place than Paris to celebrate love and joy de vivre.Thus, he immediately knew that in this city, there must be a perfect spot to ask his darling to be always with him. Remarkably, for both of them, it was the first time to discover Paris, and not surprisingly, they fell under its spell.During one week of wandering around this magical city, they were discovering its magnificent monuments, excellent museums, and world-class bistros and restaurant.

In Paris, love can be breathed in any corner.

wedding planner paris72

Sarah enjoyed walking in the luxury shopping district and perfecting her already fabulous style. At night, they had a duplex at the Shangri-La Paris in relax, which they soon started to call a home away from home. This is how the magic unfolded on the weekend of the 5th of February :

wedding planner paris13

The day before the proposal, we delivered to their room a personal calligraphed invitation to a Fashion Gala on Place de la Concorde. The invitation mentioned that a car would pick them up at the hotel front by 7 pm. In fact, there was no gala, and that was just an excuse for Sarah to get her hair and makeup done before the event. Fawwaaz knew she would love to look gorgeous on their pictures.

Early in the afternoon, Sarah had a 2-hour spa treatment. Later, they enjoyed a private cruise with champagne & canapés.  To give Sarah a little hint of what was going on, we prepared a playlist of her favorite music. Back in the hotel, Sarah received a hair and make artist service to reveal her beauty fully. Dressed in a magnificent black dressed, Sarah & Fawwaaz went down to the lobby.

A Bentley was indeed waiting for them.

But, soon after the departure to the location where the game was supposed to be hosted, the driver returned to the Hotel.

wedding planner paris44

wedding planner paris26



Fawwaaz acted perfectly, although he was surprised. Of course, our idea to spice things up was to make them confused. As they went back to the lobby, Sarah found a rose petal on the marble floor, leading the path to the iconic Napoleon grand stairs. They followed with excitement. The atmosphere was electric, and at this point, she understood what was happening.  For the occasion, we booked the entire ornate salon of the hotel, on the first floor. Fawwaaz guided Sarah to the chamber filled with candles and rose petals.

At the moment they entered, a classical duet started to play a piece from Cristina Perri’s ‘ A Thousand Years.’

wedding planner paris63

Fawwaaz invited his love for a dance in the center of the room, and then he bent on his knee to propose. Yes, did she say with the most joyful smile. Then, we invited them to take a ride in the Bentley, which was the great opportunity for the videographer and photographer to capture the best moments.

Back to the hotel, they enjoyed an imperial menu, catered and designed by the private chef of the Palace on a glamorous table scale designed in grand style. It was a great honor and pride for us to help them spend a night to remember for many years to come and to see their eyes sparkling of happiness ! It was a pleasure to share with you this little insight and to tell you about Sarah and Fawwaaz and their love and their experience.


PHOTOGRAPHER : Kiss me in Paris – VIDEOGRAPHER: Julia Swell – PLANNING, DECOR & FLORAL : Sumptuous Events Paris – LIGHTING : PhOS Location – CLASSICAL DUET : A vos cordes Frotet – HAIR & MAKE UP : Honorine Make Up Studio  – CALLIGRAPHY : Studio French Blue –  VENUE : The Shangri-La Hôtel Paris – BENTLEY : Ancienne de Prestige – BOAT : Seine Avenue


On the occasion of Valentine’s day, Camille Chapui, a reporter at RADIO MONACO had the pleasure to interview Jean Charles Vaneck, the founder and artistic director at Sumptuous Events Paris.  We talked about the success of his destination planning agency, his dearest memories, and the most enjoyable experiences.

For those who missed the broadcasting, or people who cannot understand French, but are curious about the conversation, here is the English translation of the interview.

* Dear Jean Charles Vaneck, recently, you have been declared as one of the TOP 9 most influential wedding planners by VANITY FAIR. How does it feel to get this recognition?

Of course, it was a very emotional moment for me. I felt very honored and touched to get the recognition from a magazine I have always adored and appreciated. I am especially happy that VANITY FAIR raised the bar of event planning a little higher. For me, it is a great success and a proof of the quality, originality, and creativity of my work. I am more than proud to be listed next to iconic wedding planners I have admired for many years. Actually, their achievements that inspired me to dedicate my life to event planning.

What is more, this recognition goes to all members of my team, who are all passionate wedding vendors. I would never be able to organize such amazing, memorable events without them. It is, in fact, those in the backstage who run the show. Most importantly, my colleagues have always challenged me, pushing me always to deliver the best, and even to become a better person.

wedding planner

 * It certainly takes some magical hands to become a wedding planner. Remarkably, you were a singing pianist before deciding to change your career at the of 30 and run your own business. Why did you choose to follow the path of entrepreneurship?

Indeed, I performed in numerous private events and weddings all around the world, also in some of the most famous and luxurious five stars resorts and hotels. I observed the backstage of so many events, and it sparked my curiosity. Before I finally changed my profession, I had undergone a soft two-year long transition. However, I must confess that I had not hoped that my business would develop so quickly. The more things are moving forward, the more I’m happier. 

Doing this job is a real challenge every day, but it is the most joyful thing I could do as well. Actually, a few clients have asked to perform at their wedding, but for now, I prefer to stay behind the scene. Nevertheless, who knows, perhaps it could become my new signature. I could become known as a wedding planner who sings at the ceremonies of his clients.


* So far, you have planned weddings of clients coming from every corner of the world, from Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, the United Stated, and Australia, just to mention a few. From your experience, who are the most demanding clients?

I must admit that the greatest challenges I have encountered are with French couples. It makes me laugh, because French people do have the reputation to be very demanding, and I’m probably one of them. However, I would not make a generalization, because difficult clients can be found in every country. Overall, Australian couples are super fun to work with; they know how to party, whereas Japanese are extremely well mannered and polite.

wedding planner

* Not surprisingly, the wedding planner profession emerged in France in the 16th century. You are known to give an absolute importance to the French Touch. What does really a ‘French-flavored’ wedding (Mariage à la Française) means?

The venue has a major impact on the final look and overall atmosphere of the wedding. So, an ornate gold salon with a crystal chandelier in a French castle will definitely make your Wedding look French! Although I feel like a global citizen very much, I do have French origins, which eventually has an impact on the things I like and recommend to my clients. Finally, most of the wedding vendors I recommend are French. France has always amazed and attracted foreigners, while Paris is such a dreamy and romantic city to celebrate love. You will certainly get a real French experience going with us!

wedding planner paris

* You have had the chance to organize weddings of celebrities. Is it somehow different and in what sense?

First, I must underline that I consider each one of my clients a celebrity. Regardless how famous they are, I treat all of them with the exactly the same amount of respect. I’m always honored when a couple chooses me to organize their most important day and take my job very seriously. However, It always feels like I’m getting along very well with famous people, and we truly understand each other.

As an example, we have had the pleasure to be part of one celebrity wedding, and the bride placed us to sit at her table. She told me that I was the one planning the most beautiful day of her life and that it was absolutely normal to sit next to her. What an honor, right?! It touches me a lot as to see such high level of respect and appreciation for what we do for them.

wedding planner paris

* What is the most beautiful memory you have from so many weddings you have organized?

It is hard to answer, because there are so many beautiful memories I have in my head. However, the first wedding I put together on my own from A to Z will always remain one the most beautiful memories engraved. At that occasion, I put myself out of my comfort zone, but it turned out so perfect, and I was very proud of myself.

When the bride is coming to see you at the end of the night, with sparkling eyes and burst into tears to tell you that you realized her dream and made her happy, it does affect me more than you can imagine. I think we, wedding planners, adore this profession exactly because of those priceless, touching moments.

* Last question before we go, could you give us some secret, professional advice for a successful wedding?

A perfect wedding is a wedding where we step back from the wedding planning and leave space for the unexpected, although everything has been discussed and planned until the smallest details for many months. Some of my clients have a hard time to step back from what’s going on. Commonly, they feel a bit overwhelmed about the wedding day, but it passes so quickly.

Easier said than done, but I always recommend them to give me full power over the wedding day. They should trust my expertise so they can let it go, cry, laugh, and have fun. A successful wedding is a wedding where people have fun all day, and forget the photographers and videographers!

event planner

Bride and groom to be, hope you enjoyed the tips. Now, just keep calm and enjoy the wedding planning. Thanks a lot, Jean Charles, for your time. Happy Valentine’s day! Make sure you check our ABOUT page if you want to know more about planning your wedding in Paris. Keep calm and be Sumptuous !

1. Gabriele Basilico 2. Julian Wainwright 3. Adagion Studios 4. D-Image Plus 5. Ben & Hope Photography 6. Gabriele Basilico


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” Henry Ford used to say. Thanks to this simple philosophy, we have created an extraordinary decor that amazed all floral designers, stylist & wedding planner who flew over from every corner of the world to attend this event. Until we release the video clip, I’m glad to unveil a selection of the most unbelievable  pictures from  ‘Madiow Photography“. 



I first got in touch with the world most famous  floral designer  Mrs. Karen Tran to thank her for the incredible inspiration she has been bringing to the wedding industry. At that moment, I could not have imagined having the unique privilege to sit right in front of her during this gala dinner a few months later, at the Anantara Resort Phuket, Thailand. 

But, it happened, as Karen Tran chose Phuket to host her Floral Experience.  Then, I was thrilled to suggest to Karen to collaborate with my talented friend, mentor, and business partner for luxury destination wedding,  Ms. Jeanette Skelton. 



Jeanette is the owner of Luxury Events Phuket and a fascinating entrepreneur who have been inspiring me to excel along the way. I always have thought that inspiration is just like a shared smile. And, here’s another beautiful story to illustrate that quote! 



Karen Tran first welcomed the attendees in one the gorgeous private villa of Anantara Layan resort, Phuket and started the day with a quote that deeply echoed in my soul:

“Share your happiness with those around you, and the universe will multiply it.”

When working with your heart and lots of humble, success always follows. This has always been my guideline, and I was delighted to hear her success story, which blows away all the people she meets. Afterward, we were introduced to all the sponsors listed at the bottom of the article, and the other attendees, each of them running a successful business in their distinctive country.

We all strived to receive a piece of advice on how to excel even more.  A few spoke out about how much popularity and incredible confidence they gained right after the Floral Experience. My role was to provide any needed, and I particularly enjoyed to direct a little bit the video team in the afternoon and to assist Karen. 


We learned how to blow Ecuadorian roses to reveal their inner beauty, create different layers in the circular shaped dense structure to give more volume, and work as a team in a cheerful mood and humid weather, yes indeed.

But, the teaching went far beyond that !

Most importantly, Karen Tran showed us that no matter how successful you are, what is crucial is to inspire and teach others with your heart, to communicate and achieve the extraordinary, and to have the incredible joy of living shining through the eyes! She is the absolute magic that fills the room with warmth, beauty, talent, generosity, kindness, and empathy.  And I am already looking forward to see how will work together again this year!



It takes a tremendous amount of work to put together what we created. It is not a secret, to achieve great success, you need to be ready to do some very hard work and to enormously focus your brain on arriving at that level of determination. Although we will not reveal the entire mechanic behind this mind-blowing tablescape and floral arch, as it is part of the magic and the ‘floral experience,  let me tell you that:

It took three full days, and lots of worship and devotion

 And the help of two special people. They are Russel, the one and only Karen Tran’s husband, whose beautiful heart reflects in his teaching and a soothing voice, and Mr. James Been who brought his incredible positive energy and taught us so much more about the floral art.

On the third day, we were all dreading the rain to make a non-expected appearance during the gala; the thirsty flowers were the only delighted. Thanks to an old African trick which consists in placing a broom in a tree and a knife on the ground learned from Jeannette a few years before; the rain eventually stopped, and we enjoyed the most amazing three course meals, catered by the Anantara Layan Phuket, Chef.  As Karen Tran mentioned during her speech, the universe was showing us tears of joy, because there was so much beauty surrounding us. Once again, the bar was raised!

It was fabulous to see all passionate artists around the same table, with a burning desire to contribute and achieve perfection!


Khun Guy, the co-owner of the IAMFLOWER, stood up with a tremendous courage as talking in public was not really his thing. He paid a significant tribute to his mentor and shared with us how his dream came true. He reminded us how small was his business started, yet it had the same passion and desire as today. Also, he discovered

How Karen Tran’s design inspired him along the way and how much strength she gave them.

As he stated, ‘Just like an angel’ who’s always watching and helping from a distance with the connection, because you know deep inside, that you have the power!  Needless to say that we all got emotional and ended up the incredible night with some group dancing, perfectly mixed up by DJ Mike. People were happy, cheerful, taking pictures and posting on their social network. An incredible night to remember for years to come!



I can only recommend any floral artists striving to learn more to be part of the ‘Floral Experience’ and to enroll in the next one in Santorini in April 2017, which will be spectacular with a beautiful Aegean Sea Background. I would like to honor and say a massive thank you to all the incredible sponsors who made this adventure possible:

* The support florist, Khun Guy and Khun Jen, the owner of IAMFLOWER, who happens to be the most devoted, humble, and passionate man I have ever met, whose passion for flowers goes beyond understanding!  

 * The 5-star luxury venue, Anantara Layan Phuket Resort, and their incredible staff who went beyond expectations during our stay, and treated us with the most delicious dinners every night!

 * The Luxury Planner:  Luxury Events Phuket by Jeanette Skelton and her fabulous team!

 * The beautiful soft palette Linens provided by Lux Linens Events By Nadia   

 * The Rose growers ‘Rosaprima and their Iconic Roses for Life’s Extraordinary Moments

 * The stunning stationery  J grace luxurious event stationery 

 * The incredible photo & video team, Tichakorn Cinematography with Madiow and Beauty.

 * The Thai dancers Phuket Thai Shows, who entertain all of us during the gala dinner

* The Hair and makeup artist Kate’s Hair & Make Up Studio, for adding some glams on the gala.

*  The Sounds & Lights provided by Charlie’s Lighting, and the vibes by DJ Mike.

* And of course, the fabulous one and only fascinating  Karen Tran, dressed in a magnificent chiffon customized gown from Nha Khanh and a dramatic piece of jewelry designed by Mindy Lam.

Happy New year #2017 filled with lots of LOVE , PASSION & SURPRISES !


1. Mandarin Oriental

If you are looking to celebrate your wedding high above the iconic New York skyline, the five-star luxury Hotel Mandarin Oriental is the ultimate solution in terms of service, comfort and style.  Floor to ceiling glass opening out onto the epic views of  the Upper East Side.  The Mandarin offers such a sense of exclusive arrival when walking into the opulent lobby on the 35th floor where you can expect to be greeted by your name without having to announce yourself ! You might enjoy one of their stunning deluxe suite for your stay where the beds a dream to sleep in.

Offering a bird’s eye view of the city, their 6,000 square foot Ballroom is probably their biggest pride. Featuring three 18-foot high walls of floor-to-ceiling windows, the salon overlook the most spectacular backdrop of Central Park, columbus circle and the hudson river. It boasts three immense, oval chandeliers that recreate a sea of crystal which sparkles across the high ceiling. Why not pamper yourself and get ready with your bridesmaids in their world-renowned spa and the stunning swimming pool on the 35rd floor, the morning of the ceremony ?

The Mandarin Oriental offers different food packages that’s includes passed hors d’oeuvre, buffet stations during cocktail hour, and a delicious customized three-course meal; top-shelf open bar !  The divine experience can last a little longer if you indulge your guest with a recovery wedding brunch the next day !

Mandarin Oriental WeddingCredit : Brian Hatton 

2. 620 Loft & Garden

This world-class venue features spectacular views over the iconic Fifth Avenue, New York and St. Patrick’s Cathedral from a sumptuous historic garden, complete with a reflective pool and fountain. The private, customizable indoor & outdoor space accommodates about 160 guests for a wedding reception and 120 for a seated dinner. Access is through two manned private elevators that go right up to the 7th floor.

Friends & Families have the luxury to experience the outdoor garden during any season; so that’s a tented section of the garden is offered all year round. Natural light from wall-to-wall windows overlooking the magnificent Prometheus statue always flooded the interior, Rockefeller Plaza & the marquee of Radio City Music Hall. During the holiday season, 620 Loft & Garden overlooks the Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink and the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, which is the perfect setting for a joyful holiday celebration. At the winter event, the coat check, located right next to the bar, is very practical.

You can expect a white glove service passing around champagne & hors d’oeuvres.  The venue offers the space for creativity to thrive. The inside is a clean, blank palette that you can do just about anything with when it comes to lighting and decor. The staff is incredibly responsive, professional, kind and caring by always making sure everything is perfectly orchestrated  !  An amazing combination of a tranquil, traditional outdoor garden and a chic, modern, totally customizable loft. 


 CREDIT : 620 Loft & Garden

 3. Four Seasons Hotel New York

Would you like to impress your international guests in a dramatic 21 Foot Ceiling Event space on the occasion of your destination wedding in New York ?  Four Seasons, located in Midtown, on the iconic Park avenue, one of the most incredible venue in the entire New York City, has a lot to offer in terms of style and endless possibilities  !  Many  couples plan their dream day in New-York from a different city, with the help of a destination wedding planner, and can rely on total confidence with the Four Seasons expertise. 

Timelessly chic yet contemporary, Four Seasons Hotel New York provides a superlative New York venue for your social event. Expect an incomparable level of prestige and convenience, and count on them to make sure every detail is unforgettable.

The grand ballroom-syle can host up to 270 people for a cocktail reception or up to 120 people for a dinner.  The Four Season has established strong bonds with all of manhattan’s top wedding suppliers, guaranteeing you the finest quality and style in every detail. From the moment you engage Four Seasons Hotel New York, one of their on-site wedding professionals will be your dedicated contact to handle all of your wedding-planning needs such as reserving your dates, plan the schedule of events,  and customize your menu, décor and every single details.  Let the wonderful team of Four Season New York works their magic to make your dream come true !


 Credit : The Four Season New York

4. Gotham Hall

The breath taking Gotham Hall, located on 1356 Broadway NYC, is  still considered to be one of the top 5 wedding venues in New York. A architectural masterpiece composed the main hall, creating one of the most stunning wedding backdrops ever. It is also home to a three thousand square foot incredible stain glass skylight  set in the ceiling of the domed of the Grand Ballroom. 

Sumptuous architectural marvel aside, Gotham Hall has a world renowned expert staff that will make tour dream come true and help you meticulously prepare every aspect of your big day. Celebrating your destination wedding at Gotham Hall  is all about sophistication sophistication. The food and wait staff service  is basically a true legend; while wedding international guests enjoy the fantastic indoor lighting that is the ceiling area of Gotham Hall. For smaller & private gatherings, unwind in one of their oak paneled rooms &  replete with fireplaces. Sip cocktails on the mezzanine to overlook the spectacular Ballroom !

The best wedding planners also view the Gotham Hall as the tremendous standard for an exceptional venue for a wedding that will always be remembered for a life time.  Let that incredible venue captures your special day !

wedding-planner-nycCredit : Gotham Hall


Built in 1849, the building was originally the Ansche Chesed Synagogue and is considered to be the oldest reformed Synagogue in the United States. The Angel Orensanz Foundation has been home to  magnitude of diverse performances and private events for, wedding, fundraisers, concerts. Cooperating in world-class events with MoMa, The Whitney Museum, The Guggenheim and many other museums and arts centers in New York City.

They run a library of social and cultural history as well as a collection of thousands of digital files and video of Angel Orensanz. The Foundation prides itself in maintaining the building at 172 Norfolk St., the former Ansche Chesed Synagogue which was built in 1849, in its architectural integrity and in the tradition of the German Reform Movement of the mid 19th century. The building was a also favorite space for Alexander McQueen creativity.

The venue include so many things that it took a lot of worry and additional items off your wedding to do list. The sound system is top notch, the lighting design and technician can absolutely transform the space.   For a sit down dinner and dance floor the main level can accommodate up to 260 guests. For an informal reception the space accommodates  up to 300 guests. The mezzanine level can accommodate an additional 200 guests. The venue offer rental equipment. A great choice for the couple looking for an all rounded solution !

wedding-planner-parisCredit : THE ANGEL ORESANZ CENTER

Article Picture : Adagion Studio Miami


I have been deeply blessed to have explored so many capitals all over the world,  but after moving back to France a couple of years ago, it didn’t take me too long to admit that Paris was THE most romantic city on earth ! Paris never struts, as it is supremely confident in itself. That feeling might come from the ‘nonchalant’  attitude of the Parisian who always seem to have just waken-up!

Therefore, Paris has become the  perfect city to propose and pop the ultimate question. In every couple’s life, there is a moment when destiny and time unify, and it is when you propose a love of your life. So, are you ready to say ‘YES’ ? Get some serious inspiration with the gorgeous pictures  from the talented photographer, Julien Scussel.


Your flawless proposal experience should be special, as it represents the seamless love that only two of you have realized together.

‘Give your darling the proposal of her dreams in Paris’

Let SUMPTUOUS EVENTS, the most renown event production agency, famous for authenticity and creation of joyful moments, handle all the details and work out its magic!


‘We invite you now to close your eyes and

picture the magical story we are about to tale for you.’

Invite your girlfriend to a romantic weekend in Paris, and discover the first 5 stars Hotel ever open, in the enchanting district of the Moulin Rouge. Maison Souquet glamorously decorated by Jacques Garcia himself, has reserved one of the most charming Junior Suite for your stay. You are welcomed with a bottle of champagne, and a massage in a spa, privatized for the occasion.

Soon after your check in, you can escort your girlfriend to an exclusive cruise on the Seine River, enjoying the monuments of Paris, with a glass of champagne, macarons, and a musical playlist of your special songs. Passing the Eiffel Tower, right when it sparkles, it is the time to propose on your knees.

After she say YES, a photographer will take you to a editorial photo shoot with the most iconic backdrop.  Get some inspiration with the gorgeous pictures  from the talented photographer, Julien Scussel. Back to your hotel at night, we have more surprises for you : a sophisticated privatized salon lighted with LED candles and decorated with red dynamic floral centerpiece. Enjoy a succulent 3- courses meal paired with exclusive French wine.



When the evening is over, invite your fiancé to your magical room, where rose petals, LED candles, and pictures of you two adorn the beds. Needless to say that we will make sure your fiancé will remember this sumptuous experience for a life time!

Our Paris proposal package is handled with love and designed by our professional team, so all you have to do is book it, show up in Paris, and propose to your girl friend. Contact us today to start planning !



It is my sincere belief that everything happens for a reason! A few weeks after we posted a blog article about the catering of gluten free and vegan wedding meals, we got an inquiry about our full wedding planning service from Jennie and Richard, a trendy couple of a Cuban and Philippine background, living in SoHo, New York.

During a week in Paris, they chose a beautiful French Castle 1 hour drive north of Paris as a perfect wedding venue. But, still, they were looking for someone to organize an entirely vegan wedding in Paris.

Having personally tried the vegetarian style for a few weeks, we welcomed the challenge, partnered to work together as a team, and connected instantly. We adore when the groom and the bride to be are so involved in the planning process.

Soon, Jennie and Richard returned to Paris to check out all exciting things we selected for them.  They envisioned a glamorous and stylish four-day event, including all the best that Paris has to offer.

Nevertheless, there is one single thing that we can’t predict and control – the weather. Unfortunately, Paris unlucky experienced one of the worst flooding of the Seine River on the supposed Gala Night. Thus, our planned private luxury cruise had to be replaced on a very short notice. I must admit that Jennie had shown an enormous amount of courage that I simply admired and will always keep in my heart as a lesson of wisdom! That’s why I keep saying that for a wedding planner a wedding goes way beyond planning! Enjoy the fabulous pictures of Gabriel Basilico Photography.


The spectacular, unique rooftop at the Salon Hoche, a few blocks away from the iconic Champs Elysée Avenue was the perfect scene for a chill and Parisian welcome party. We chose a grand white veranda, adorned with fairy light trees and white orchids, and purple floral grand entrance as decor. For the occasion, the father of the groom welcomed the 65 guests arriving from all corners of the world with a mind-blowing wine tasting, including an extravagant vintage Cristal Roederer Champagne and some of the finest Bordeaux Wine. 

wedding planner paris


A buffet of delicious vegan cocktail pieces, pies, fruit salads and quiche surprised everyone. It felt like all the guests were privileged and honored to be there. It was followed by a superb private concert by talented Carly Bryan, who played the best pieces of a modern pop-rock repertoire.

wedding planner paris


Although it was almost impossible to match the standard of the originated planned luxury privatized cruise, the magnificent Salons des Arts & Métiers and their A-team made the impossible to substitute the Plan A. And, they indeed succeeded!

The chef catered the same vegan dinner, while the cake designer Synies made some delicious vegan brownie with chocolate mousse. The idea was to entertain the guest by providing them an extraordinary experience, so we turned the venue into a little cabaret. A classical duet with a glass of champagne and canapé welcomed the guests, who once again blow our minds with their exquisite outfit and gala dresses. 

wedding planner

The star of the night was undeniably the bride-to-be who wore a magnificent black and white haute couture gown, with a tiara and a cascade of diamonds. Later, we had an incredible show of a Bouglionne Circus Artist. We ended the night with a Jazz concert, which made everybody dance smoothly.

wedding planner



For the wedding day, we privatized the beautiful castle of Ermenonville, famous for being owned by the International Krishna society for 20 years… Early in the morning, the wedding party arrived at the venue for a rehearsal ceremony.

Later, a fabulous team of hair and makeup artist took care of the bridal party. It was also the occasion to discover the first vegan Louboutin shoes ever made, which perfectly match the gorgeous hand-made Galia Lahav wedding gown. 

wedding planner marrakech

wedding planner vegan

wedding planner

wedding planner paris

wedding ceremony

The Christian ceremony was conducted in Spanish in the backyards, by a friend of the couple who happens to be a priest. Besides, we had some beautiful and original interventions of guests who read poems, and a classical duet playing through the ceremony.

wedding planner

wedding planner

wedding planner paris

Then, the guests enjoyed the four course vegan wedding dinner and listened to emotional speeches of the parents, the groom, and the best man.  Jennie and Richard reproduced their first dance of 15 years ago when they fell in love.

The night followed by a captivating firework, a fire lantern ceremony, and of course, lots of dancing thanks an incredible female DJ, who started to fire the dance floor with some Cuban vibes. Surely, none of the guests will forget this magical night in the French Castle.

wedding planner

wedding planner

wedding venue paris

wedding planner


The great night ended, the couple was officially married. The post-wedding brunch was an excellent way to wind down the weekend festivities. Jennie and Richard enjoyed the last opportunity to thank their guests and spend a little more time with loved ones. Most of the guests were wearing some beautiful springish and floral outfit.

Once again, a private chef catered an incredible menu made of vegan salads. What really touched me, is that none of the guests complained about the fact that there was absolutely no meats and fish during the entire wedding. They proved to the couple how much they respected their decision and a way of living; those friends were like stars!

wedding brunch

wedding brunch paris

vegan wedding

CREDIT : Design, Planning, Coordination & Linens : SUMPTUOUS EVENTS – Photography : Gabriel Basillico – Videography : Ping Pang Films – Floral Art : Luc Deschamps – Wedding Cake : Synies


“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.”  James Baldwin

As a wedding planner, I work in the relationship business and am truly blessed to witness remarkable love stories on a daily basis. Yet, every so often, I come across a love that inspires and deeply touches my soul,  a love that is uplifting, fearless and pure, a love that makes you feel like anything is possible.  Meet Dev + Jason!

But before I get ahead of myself  and let Jason personally tell you about his love for Dev, I would like to thank our veritable all-star team, consisting of:

* The incredible celebrity beauty artist, LORANDY, who pampered Dev + Jason with world-class skin and nail services.
* Stylist extraordinaire, Abali from, LES ATELIERS DU MALE who eclectically put together the looks for the weekend, including but not limited to tuxedos by RIVES  &  SACHAK and eye-catchinghand made bow ties by CINABRE .
* How about a green McLaren to get around the Parisian streets in style? We were looking for a statement car  and went straight to the authority on exotic sports cars, FAST&PRECIOUS .  Later we aded  a French Touch with a vintage blue 2 Chevaux by 2CVParisTour. 
* Speaking of green,  I had a lot of fun matching the reception linen to go with the color of their car.
* Floral couture and design conceived by the ever-so-talented LA PLUME FLEUR who adorned the table-scape with a luscious palette of emerald fuchsia and gold.
* Personalized invitations, menu, and calligraphy artistically rendered by the most talented calligrapher in France, Joy from STUDIO FRENCH BLUE .

Notable Locations:

* Getting-ready and reception venue was the venerable landmark HOTEL FOUQUET’S BARRIERE PARIS  with its exceptional catering team and staff, and that incredible colorful French macarons tower  cake designed by CAFE CARETTE. 
 * And a special thank you to LES SALONS DE L’HOTEL DES ARTS & METIERS, who on short notice made its stunning venue available to Dev who serenaded Jason with a Goosebumps-inducing surprise performance for this love story in Paris.


So let me explain how I first met the couple : I had this crazy idea that it would be possible for one happy couple to celebrate their relationship in Paris and have their story documented professionally, regardless of budget. 

We all know that quality comes at a price, especially when demand exceeds supply. If you want a team of world-class artists to help you pull off a remarkable event, you typically get what you pay for unless you can somehow get said world-class artists to come together for a common purpose that transcends business interests.

And that’s exactly what happened, together with the ever-so-talented Fran and Cengiz from Kiss Me in Paris photography, I decided to give away for free  2-day limitless romantic adventure through the City of Lights, where we would make a dream come true for one special couple, including award-winning photography + video, brilliant beauty and grooming services, stylish outfits, lunch and pampering at an iconic Parisian luxury hotel  and more. And what if I told you the value of this giveaway exceeded $40,000?

Our team set out to find the perfect couple , one that would make people smile and open their hearts with a message of universal love, that transcends race and sexual preference. Our only requirement was that the couple would not hold back and confidently display their relationship for the world to see. There was one additional requirement actually, namely that our couple be gay (men only).

And so we launched a global contest to find the two perfect ambassadors of love. The contest was well received and before we knew it, our email inboxes were flooded with worthy applications. We came across so many beautiful stories; yet, it was Dev + Jason who touched our hearts with theirs  powerfully told by Jason below.

And before I let you go

* I’d like to encourage you to grab plenty of Kleenex before you peek into their game-changing film (masterfully captured by Sino from Adagion.

* Kindly share their story with a friend and the world if you love it as much as we do.  



” Dev is 32, a Trinidadian-born Executive Coach and piano composer who also perform !  He is a Chartered Account who spent many years at PwC in Trinidad before moving to NYC four years ago. Dev is an aspiring recording artist.  When he is not playing piano and composing new material, he works with executives, supporting them in producing breakthrough results in their careers and organizations.  


” I am 39. Born and raised on a farm in rural Illinois. I was the first person in my family to go to college, and I went on to earn a Masters in Media Studies from MIT. I spent several years working in digital advertising. I am now Vice President of Mobile Strategy and Innovation for the Miami HEAT, the NBA team. I flew to Miami to interview on a Wednesday in March, spent 8 hours interviewing on Thursday, was offered the job on Sunday and started working on Monday. I stayed in Miami and Dev moved us from NYC. “

“We know how to play full-out!” 




” Dev and I met on August 5th, 2014, in a seminar on how to be better communicators. He was at the front of the room, sharing his journey to America. He shared with the seminar how he was raised in a fundamentalist religious home, and underwent fifteen years of conversion therapy. He spoke of how he would work all day as an auditor and then come home to be prayed over and deprived of food and sleep to break his homosexuality. The church members and his fellow Trinidadians threatened his life for being gay. He fled to America as an asylum seeker when he was 28, living with various friends and extended family members to survive until he could get his working papers.”




“As I listened to him tell his story, I was moved to tears by his strength of character. This man was unlike anyone I had ever met before or after. He had the spirit of a child in the face of so much suffering. His energy, his love for all who meet him, and his playful spirit warmed my heart. I saw in him the opportunity of a lifetime: the opportunity to build a life with a remarkable man of gravitas and humility. Incredibly, he asked for my phone number before I asked for his.

We went on three dates in the next seven days. One week after we met, I told him to close his eyes and hold out his hands. I placed a wedding band in his hand and said, “Open your eyes and hands, and ask me anything you want.”  

“He asked me to marry him. I said yes.”



best wedding planner



” Dev and I are the torch-bearers of love and possibility in our social network. People tell us that they had given up on love and that we gave them hope to be vulnerable, to go out and try, and to keep believing that love is there.When we return from the trip to Paris, I will be officiating my first wedding.  The bride asked me to officiate because she says that what I created with Dev is the model of what she wants in her marriage. 

“We get asked to come to weddings for good luck”

paris wedding

wedding planner paris

paris wedding planner

paris wedding gay

” Dev and I are not only hopelessly in love, we are also adventurous, fast-moving, hard-working, and dare I say, glamorous! We love wearing suits, most often completed with our signature bow-ties. We live life to the fullest and we are a yes to everything. We love dinner and drinks and a coupe of champagne! “

same sex wedding

“Coming to Paris for this photoshoot would be a dream come true for us”

The past two years have seen immense struggle, sacrifice, and transformation. Right now, with my new job at the NBA and our new life in Miami, we are on top of the world. This trip would be the icing on the cake, documenting the best phase of both our lives. Also, Dev has never been to Europe, and I can’t imagine a more extraordinary introduction to Paris than this! We look forward to creating magic with you.  Love –  Dev & Jason ” ! 

same sex wedding

gay wedding paris

wedding  venue paris

VENDOR LIST : Design & Coordination & Linens: SUMPTUOUS EVENTS PARIS – Photography: KISS ME IN PARIS – Cinematography: ADAGION CINEMA – Stylist: LES ATELIERS DU MALE  – Nails & Make Up: LORANDY – McLaren Car: FAST&PRECIOUS  – Floral Production: LA PLUME FLEUR – Wedding cake: CAFE CARETTE  – Stationary: STUDIO FRENCH BLUE  – Bowties: CINABRE  – Tuxedo: RIVES  – Tuxedo: SACHAK  – Piano Venue: LES SALONS DE L’HOTEL DES ARTS & METIERS


Love always finds its way when it’s meant to be! Kenny and Jason grew up in the same city of Syracuse, USA.  Before they madly fell in love, they were friends for years. Their friendship was becoming stronger and survived the distance and all challenges. They also studied at the same university. Sumptuous Events New York is proud to share with you today this inspiring and beautiful same-sex proposal in New York and engagement shoot beautifully captured by Oriel Pe’er. Enjoy ! 


gay proposal new york

wedding planner

Jason remembers their first encounter : 

« I have always been a big fan of poetry and romantic books; I often used to go the library just to enjoy the atmosphere of that place was so quaint! That’s where we first met. There was a reading group every Tuesday night. I didn’t even know I was attracted to guys at that time. We started to see each other more often, jogged together, and played tennis together. We both love nature, hiking, and taking boat trips on the Ontario Lake. That’s how we discover our attraction for men more or less together. Every time Jason was meeting someone, I used to be happy for him, but at the same time a little envious. »

wedding planner

wedding planner same-sex

gay proposal central park

wedding planner

Jason revives the beginnings of their love story :

« Kenny always had the most handsome boyfriends! When he moved to New York City for a new job in a bank, I remember being so sad about it. Then we started seeing each other a little less. However, I was following his adventures on the social media, new friends, new life, and also a new lover. It seemed like he was with the man of his dreams! But, one night, out of a sudden, he called me crying and said they ended up their relationship, and he needed me! It felt like the good old times. I was so surprised and happy that he called me!

same-sex wedding

I booked my ticket right away, and the next day, I met Kenny at his favorite cafe in Chelsea, NY. He was sitting on his own, clearly had cried before, he had a plate with donuts that he was stuffing in his mouth with no much conviction, just like a sad kid! Despite the apparent despair on his face, Kenny was a handsome man, both confident and fragile. We hugged each other for 30 seconds. He busted into tears and told me how happy he was to see me and that I traveled all the way after the time spent apart. My heart was pounding, and I had a goose pimple looking in his eyes!

That’s exactly when I realized I always loved him, and that my deepest wish was to stay with him forever and protect him. It was an electric feeling, like I got zapped, and suddenly I realized everything was about to change in a big way.

“At that moment, we both knew what was happening ! “

We started ‘dating’, which was a little strange for us at the beginning, as we knew each other so well. When you start to date your best friend, you gain a lot: a protector, undeniable confidence, and a feverish determination to make the relationship work. But, you also lose a lot and learn a lot. »

wedding planner new-york

Read on to find out why taking on the challenge is a tough feat,            

but at the end of the day, totally worth it:

Jason : « I traveled back and forth from Syracuse for three months, but couldn’t bare being away from Kenny. Then, I got a job in NYC, and we moved together soon after. I could feel Kenny is happy with the way he looked at me. We started to make plans, bought a dog, and talked about marriage. We didn’t know who will propose first, but we knew one of us would! I didn’t want to plan something crazy or complicated. I always thought the New Year was a time for resolutions!

same-sex proposal new york

We both love going to Central Park on early Sunday mornings, as a way to reconnect with nature. So, we went to Kenny’s favorite spot, Ladie’s Pavillon, that was a joke between us. Unlike the other mornings in January, it was sunny and empty. It felt like the park was there for only two of us!!! With the help of a planner, I had a photographer hidden behind the trees, following us. I proposed and he accepted! Later that night, we stayed at the ‘William Hotel’, where we had a fabulous meal, and the most romantic night in a blue suit! »

gay couple wedding

same-sex wedding new york

And, this is what Kenny says about the big day:

« The minute Jason said he wanted to go to Central Park that Sunday morning, I knew he was going to propose. He was excited and always talking on the phone. I just wanted to scream yes, yes, yes, that entire week, but I waited patiently. I felt like the happiest person in the world. We will exchange our vows on a beach, in Trinidad & Tobago next October, with dear friends and family. »

gay wedding paris

gay wedding new-york

wedding planner same-sex

VENDORS LIST :  Photographer: Oriel Pe’eer Photography & Motion – Florist: Designs by Ahn –  Wedding Planner, Styling & Production : Sumptuous Events  –  Wedding Cake: Cake Alchemy – – Venue: The William Hotel  – Wedding Rings:  Forever Equal .


There is a unique story behind every wedding photo. This is a story of Jenna & Frank, who have been together for three years. We are delighted that they decided to share their luxury elopement in Paris with Sumptuous Events,  destination wedding & event planning agency. Enjoy the beautiful story featured with some mind blowing pictures !

The bride, born in Saint Petersburg, comes from a wealthy Russian family. As her father was a diplomat, Jenna, and her sister studied not only classical piano and the French language, but also the proper etiquette and how to behave in high society.

However, apart from giving an excellent education to their daughters, Jenna’s parents also had a plan for them, namely, to follow the footsteps of the father and pursue a diplomatic career. The plan also included marrying Jenna off when she was only 20 years old for a much more elderly world-famous scientist.

 wedding planner paris

Nevertheless, Jenna had plans of her own. Her dream was to be a part of the fashion industry.

So, against the wishes of her parents, she left her fiancé and embarked on a journey through Europe on her own. Since then, her path has been the one of success and happiness, and she has been living one of the most adorable fairy tale stories we have ever heard.

wedding planner


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wedding calligraphy paris

This is how the fairy tale began, in Jenna’s words :

“I had always wanted to explore Germany, and I thought that Hamburg would be an amazing city to spend a few months. So, I booked a round-trip ticket as I was first looking for a job. During my only day in the city, I went for a job interview in a fashion magazine completely over-dressed. I rang and a little bit shy, but a gorgeous German guy opened the door for me. I was surprised by his young age, as I thought I would have the interview with him.

But, then he left, and I realized that he was there for an interview as well. I will never forget the moment out eyes met for the first time. The gaze of his eyes full of joy and compassion made me melt inside. I was intrigued, but he simply wished me a good luck and walked away.

wedding planner

wedding planner paris

I completed the interview, but afterward, I could not have stopped thinking about this intriguing guy. Then something miraculous happened. As I was passing through the front lobby on my way out, a lady ran to me and handed me a note saying

“I couldn’t let you go away without at least giving a try. Would you have a drink with me? “said Frank. 

At first, I wanted to play cool and don’t call him, as I knew I was here only for a night. But, eventually, I could not have resisted, and I gave him a call a few hours later. I didn’t get that job, but I found a love of my life. Now, we both work in the same magazine as editors.”

wedding planner paris


art deco hotel paris

Frank asked for Jenna’s hand during a romantic weekend in Paris. They married in Germany in a company of both sets of parents, who finally approved their love after three years of objections. Two weeks later, Jenna and Frank decided to go back to Paris and make a symbolic union there with Jenna’s sister and Frank’s best friend as witnesses. Jenna adores Paris for its lifestyle, elegance, and a sense of romance. As both are admirers of Art Deco, the fabulous “Hotel du Collectionneur” close to the Champs Elysées made a perfect scene for exchanging of vows.

wedding planner

elopement in paris

wedding planner

wedding calligraphy

wedding dinner table scape

 “We both wanted a minimalistic and luxury wedding design with French-made high-end tableware, and what is more, a unique editor wedding photo style. In the end, we could not be happier with the result perfectly put together for us.” Jenna explained

wedding planner

elopement paris

classical duet paris ceremony

wedding officiant paris

best classical duet wedding  paris


luxury events paris

wedding ceremony paris



VENDOR LIST : Wedding Photographer : Pierre Sage / Planning, Design & Coordination : Sumptuous Events Paris / Videographer : Tuan Nguyen – PingPangFilms / Venue : Hotel du Collectionneur / Floral Designer : Marie K – Studio Ohlala / Calligrapher : Studio French Blue / Make Up Artist : Ornella Zaffani / Hair Stylist Look 1 & 2 : Camille R – Studio Ohlala / Hair Stylist Look 2 : Onorina Jomir – Honorine Makeup Studios / Wedding Gown : Danillo Fredighi Lab Couture 28 / Cocktail Gown : Diamant Blanc / Tuxedos : Lors & Fools / Table Ware : Bernardaud / Bridesmaid Dress : C’est ma robe .


Summer in Paris, is  all about late night walks,  spritz  cocktail on shaded terrace, walking along the ‘quai de seine’, less crowded museum,  and perhaps time for reflection, but what makes the unanimity to all is  to enjoy a delicious ice cream !

If you are visiting  the city of lights in August, or thinking about planning your wedding in Paris,  a visit to the most luxurious ice cream in Paris  is a must on your to-do-list: The jeweler of ice, Il Gelato del Marchese. More than an ice cream , it is an absolute divine experience! Sumptuous Events, high-end concierge team , proudly introduce to you the most delicious and astonishing ice cream maker in the entire city !

Getting through the doors of the beautiful shop, in the 6th district of Paris, you will get instantly  immersed into the sumptuous universe of the marquess. The decoration is elegant, refined, with shades of cream and gold, retro chic style: Renaissance armchairs and sofa, Murano chandelier,  Il Gelato del Marchese, is a dream that came to life thanks to the charming Italians couple, Veronika, and Renato Squalene Montoro, with a fashion industry and architecture background. Renato is a marquess , and that’s how the brand name was easily found !  Their project was born from a passion : their goal was to produce the best ice cream of Paris! The only thing we can say is that they truly succeeded.

wedding planner paris

The range of ice cream and sorbet that we had the chance to taste are just beyond amazing. A spoon of a sorbet passion fruit and you literally feel transported  to a remote Caribbean island. It was really the impression of eating fruits in another form. What is their secret ? Veronika and Renato bring an extreme care to the preparation of their artisanal ice cream.

The seasonal Fruits are imported by plane and manufactured in a workshop in the 11th district of Paris, where there is a showroom of five hundred square meters and a laboratory.  A particular attention is given to the dietetics of the products: mineral water, a minimum of sugar, no white eggs, no gelatin, no conservative. A special technique  avoid the ice cream to contain  air, so it never crystallized. The result:

“An Ice cream, Good, Beautiful and super healthy!”

That luxury product perfectly match the Sumptuous events vision :  Our very demanding clientele that comes all the way from abroad to celebrate their wedding in Paris will be pleased by the very high quality of products. Since we are all about made to measure wedding, we were very happy to hear that Il Gelato could also accommodate  special requests. What about a custom made ice cream named after your other behalf ?

luxury wedding paris

New flavor are designed every month. The couple travel around the world to search for new recipes and ideas. Renato is indeed a real explorer who has no limits. It’s taste of the authenticity took its origins  in his youth, spending six months in the Amazon forest, where he felt close to nature, flavors, smells & sensations. “Beside of meat and fish, everything can be transformed into ice cream. » says Renato, joyfully. Another big surprise are the delicious salty ice creams (Tomato Basil, mustard, champagne strawberry ) that can be perfectly paired in a delicacy with the most sumptuous and exquisite meals : with caviar, foie gras, or white truffles to name a few ! Veronika has been working on a book of recipes to teach how to pair each flavor.

The detox sorbet really caught our attention !  A special juice extractor that doesn’t break the enzymes. Having pleasure without feeling the guilt ! What else could you expect ? The delicious chantilly is home made. The pistachio nuts is cooked in the oven than crushed, the pieces in the pistachio ice cream are pure wonder.  Probably their signature flavor !

marrakech wedding

The genius of the ice cream has been recently  working on a sugar that does not alter the blood glucose levels and a range vegan and gluten free ice cream is being tested. That does sounds perfect for our next fully vegan wedding. Innovation is permanent for the Marquess and his wife. Any request is transformed into a challenge in which everything is possible.

Do you want your fiance to melt right in front of you ? Bring her to  enjoy an apricot sorbet, Raspberry champagne or watermelon, and hide the engagement ring a the bottom of a champagne glass. Once you have tasted their vanilla ice cream, you will understand that you had probably never eaten a true Italian vanilla ice cream.

Il Gelato del Marchese’ are distributed in the most luxurious department  store of Paris « Le bon Marche » and  in Saint Tropez at the Club Palm Trees, on the Pampelonne beach. They also have a partnership with the oldest coffee in Rome, The coffee Ossbrount, and several successful partnership with famous brand such as Annick Goutal, for whom a customized a luxurious ice cream was designed !

paris wedding

Il Gelato del Marchese can also accommodate your events in their beautiful venue that can be privatized : baby shower, proposal, corporate event or luxury branding. Sumptuous events will be delighted to organize your festivity at their venue.

At last, but not least, the ice cream can be transported  in its beautiful ornament. Packaged in a nice box with dry ice, It can be kept forty-eight hours ! We were thinking that it would make a perfect wedding favor for your out of town guests. Il Gelato del Marchese can also provide a golden ice-cream carriage,  with an elegant  butler, that also perfect for a post wedding brunch recovery.

wedding paris

Mister Sumptuous, founder of Sumptuous Events Paris, who’s never short of innovating ideas, has pictured something that has never been done before. Stay tuned and we will probably share the secret with you very soon ! Until that, we wish you a wonderful summer and a fabulous tasting at Il Gelato del Marchese.