How to Choose Your Wedding Tuxedo

Renting a tuxedo is obviously out of the question. It is YOUR wedding day, and you need to look absolutely gorgeous to match your fiancee. The fiance that will take hours polishing her look. You want to make sure you are looking just as good as the blushing bride. Before you decide to make your final choice, there’s a couple of things you need to know.

Tuxedos comes in different styles. If you want a modern yet elegant look, skip the old fashioned tails, or dark suites. Avoid flashy colors , stripes, prints and peaked collars. Just go for the classic tux with the satin on the lapel and pants . Choose a  dashing white shirt, with nice buttons,  and a regular black satin bow tie. For a vintage look, you can add a black satin belt. I really recommend that you get a second shirt ready, in case of an emergency. I saw a groom having a nose bleed right before the ceremony.

Fitted Clothing is the key when it comes to getting your wedding apparels. The edge of the jacket should not be longer than your middle finger when you place your arms at your sides. The shirt hand cuff should peek out from the jacket sleeve, as there is not point in hiding them,  I would say no more than half an inch. Your trousers should break slightly over the tops of your shoes in front.  If you are quite fit, avoid loose pants, it is nice to distinguish the shape of a fit body under the clothes. Choosing shiny tux shoes is always a good choice, and you can always re-use them. Another option would be to get a custom suit made. It sounds very fancy or pricey, but you might end up spending  the same amount of money on a designer.

The big question is how much should you spend on a tux and shoes ? It all depends about the designer, your wedding apparel should be about 5% of the wedding budget. I would say you can get a nice tux for about 3500€, and spend between 400 & 800€ for a nice pair of shoes. The most important thing is that you feel great and comfortable in  your tux. You will be wearing it all day, hugging people, dancing and sweating in it. Again, it is your wedding ! Go crazy !

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