Hire the Best Entertainment For Your Wedding

Choosing the venue is a crucial aspect of your event on where you would allocate half of your budget.Secondly comes the musical choices. It  has indeed a major impact of the success of the celebration. Carefully choose the entertainment that will make your party a success.  Paris has so much to offer in terms of entertainers and musicians. As a music lover, and musician myself, I am always very happy to promote new talents.  Music can also become a central theme, where different artists play  for each event which is a real pleasure for the ears.The best way to choose a band, is to hear them live, so ask them about their next gig.

Before starting the ceremony, it is more pleasant to welcome guests with live music. If you have chosen a classical option such as a string quartet, it is easy to ask them to play gentle relaxing music. This smooths the atmosphere while guests make their way to their seats.

The walk in song is THE bride’s moment . Everybody will be glued to the look of her and her ensemble . Before saying ‘I do’, make sure the music matchs the drama of the moment. Choosing a live singer to interpret your favorite song or a small gospel choir is a nice choice. I always recommend this than choosing to play the song from a MP 3 Player. Don’t forget to add some piece of music or poems during the ceremony .

It’s better to have a more uptempo music for the cocktail  to contrast with the ceremony. The music really breaks the ice on a black tie event. After many   glasses of champagne, the atmosphere will begin to be a little lighter. A female DJ with a sax player playing some lounge music in the type of  a‘ Buddha Bar’, can be visually appealing.

It is always smart to provide some original entertainment during the meal.  The  wedding dinner could  be long, especially if there’s a lot of speeches. Balance the vibes with live dance entertainment such as a ballerina , or a magician for a wow factor. I can imagine you rising your eyebrow, if this suggestion could could sound tacky? ? The answer is no, I have worked with magicians that were extraordinary elegant. You should not consider having a band playing loud uptempo music, as guests want to talk, and the band will be constantly interrupted if you have planned a lot of speeches.

Finally, choose an excellent versatile live band for the after party who can play both retro and modern music. You have probably invited guests from different generations, and you want to please everybody.  If you decide to have a first dance, great decision, go for something dramatic, if that involves taking ballroom dance classes for 6 months.  I had seen a bride who wore 7 dresses throughout the day. Unless you are Cher, tell me which other day of you life would you be able to do that?

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