Destination Wedding in Paris

This wonderful couple based in Hong Kong always dreamt to celebrate their wedding in Europe. they had been thinking about it for a little while but they couldn’t make up their mind about the perfect destination. They thoughts about a wedding in Italy, near by the Lake Como, and of course, a destination wedding in the city of Lights, Paris !

Loving both destination, it was difficult to be objective for our team also. We suggested the best way was to meet us, and do some site inspection all over Paris and decide afterwards.

We welcomed the couple and spent the day chatting wedding, driving around and looking at out the most elegant Castle in Paris. At the end of the day, it seemed pretty clear their hearts was set for Paris, and maybe for us too !

We planned to perfection Catherine & Lachie’s wedding. for several months. A 3 days celebration , which is the best format for a destination wedding, as we always suggest. Think about all the guests travelling from abroad, its the best way to offer them a Parisian typical experience and to mingle from day one.

best wedding planner paris6best wedding planner paris1

The welcome night, also known as the rehearsal dinner was held at the recently opened Nolinski Hotel, a few meters away from the Opera. The Boutique Hotel is super chic with a wonderful spa and indoor swimming pool. It feature a typical French Brasserie, named Le Rejane. Catherine really enjoyed the look of the modern Brasserie, after checking out many different options.

We welcomed the guests with some acoustic Accordion music, and the menu was nothing but French traditional gourmet food, such as cheese plater, traditional saucisson & charcuterie, ( all those  delicious little things made with Porks ). Catherine arrived after everyone,  she looked magnificent as always, with a black couture dress. After a glass of champagne,  the atmosphere was super chilled and it was the perfect occasion for the guests to break the ice. There was a few toast from the parents and the closes friends.

“It was lovely to see a mix of Asian culture and Australian Background”

We shall say all the guests were really lovely and all super well dressed up, although the dress code was casual chic for the evening.  It was already time to call it a night, although nobody wanted to leave. But as we say in french , l’heure c’est l’heure, understand when it’s time to go, you have to !

best wedding planner paris12 best wedding planner paris14

The next day was all sunny and amazing, it was actually very warm too. Catherine and Lachie got ready in one of the Suite at the Shangri La Hotel, one of our favorite palace in Paris ! All the boys were trying to fix their bowties with the help of the head mixologist of the hotel, also known for his magnificent moustache.

‘While the girls already looked all pretty and fancy in their purple wedding bathrobe.’

Jean Charles Vaneck, our artistic director, delivered the bridal bouquet to the bride and her bridesmaids, and we trust she really liked it, as you can see their face on the pictures. After some family portrait, it was time to head to the wedding venue, L’hotel d’Evreux. 

best wedding planner paris15

All the guests were waiting for the bridal couple, and the ceremony could start. This must have been one of the most joyful, funny yet emotional ceremony we ever witnessed. Everyone seemed happy to be here. Later, the guests were escorted to the  first floor what they call, les Salons particulier, who overlooked the Place Vendôme.

‘Indeed, what a million dollar view !’

best wedding planner paris18

It was time to reveal the dinner set up we had been working on all day. Sumptuous Design, our sister brand, specialize into floral art work and everything about designing a room. The table was set in a star shape, with some purple table cloth, and flowers grading of purple, Fuchsia, pink & white.

best wedding planner paris32

The Jazz Band played all the French standards during the dinner served by from the best caterer Potel & Chabot. A few wonderful speeches from the bridal party reminded us all that mariage was all about love & joy.

“Catherine ’s happiness enlightened the room, and we all danced until the night”

best wedding planner paris42

best wedding planner paris40

paris wedding

The next day, the guests enjoyed a farewell brunch at the iconic Buddha Bar Hotel. For the occasion, we privatized the terrace, with a live DJ, and many international cooking station. Nobody wanted to leave. It was a wonderful wedding, and all the guests congratulate us all week end and said it was the best destination wedding in Paris ! 

“The best wedding they have ever been !”

C&L Day 3-8

C&L Day 3-38

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