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SUMPTUOUS EVENTS is being known for producing the most lavish parties and destination wedding in the world. We also love to produce memorable wedding proposal & engagement parties. It’s a complete different approach, more intimate and personalized.

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   Ashwin contacted us in December over the phone and asked us to put together a meaningful proposal for the love his life, a beautiful indian model. They had been together for a couple of years, based in Mumbai, and he knew it was the perfect timing for asking her to marry him and spend the rest of their life together.

   Being well travelled, and taste for luxury things, Ashwin asked us to find a beautiful castle near Paris to host the celebration. We had something special for them ! A pure jewel from the heritage Collection,  privately owned and entirely decorated with taste by the marvelous interior designer Jacques Garcia – Le chateau de Villette !

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   The holiday festive season is always a good time to feel loved and what’s more romantic is the city of Paris in the winter. Right after the new year evening, Ashwin & Tanya arrived in Paris.

   They had booked a wonderful deluxe suite at Le bristol. An opulent yet discreet  Palace on the Faubourg Saint honoré, with pastel and luxury interior. The lobby still carried the Christmas decor all around, which made the palace extra special.

   It was a beautiful morning, somehow very cold, and as expected, many layers and a fur coat were needed to coast outside and explore the city  of Paris. Ashwin started the day with some relaxing time at the Spa of the Bristol. 

‘He confessed to us he hadn’t been sleeping well the night before’ 

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   Around noon, they got escorted to a delicious lunch at the super famous Michelin stared, Alain Ducasse, at the Plaza Athénée. The culinary experience is always spectacular, and we love to recommend them.

   Back to hotel Le Bristol, our team welcomed the couple, Tanya was happily surprised and understood something was going on when she met the photographer and the videographer. 

‘A private car was ready to escorted them to the private Castle’

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   Upon their arrival, Jean-Charles Vaneck along with the Castle manager, welcomed them with a glass of champagne and floral bouquet. We invited Ashwin and Tanya for a private tour around the premises. The castle features more then 15 bedrooms, all decorated with the finest furniture and art pieces form the 18th century. Each mirrors itself carries so much history and background.

The wedding venue stand apart from any other Castle  !

   Back from the private tour, Ashwin & Tanya were welcome in the main lobby by a heart warming Kids choirs . They had prepared a mini accapella concerto and sang some of the finest Christmas Carols. It was pretty and it seems like Tanya started to get emotional.

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   Later, we welcomed the couple in the library for a vegan tea time, with a selection of Mariage & Freres blend. While the amazing international hair & make up artist, Ava Belle started to work her magic on Tanya, Ashwin rehearsed a little his proposal and the final words he would declare.

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   Tanya looked fabulous and all ready like an indian princess. Ashwin escorted her to the dinner room, where they could discover the set up our team had prepared for them. Luckily, most of our clients give sumptuous design, our sister brand, a total freedom, so we can create something unique that will make an statement.

“This table scape was extravagant and indian infused”

   A second layer velvet table cloth cut as a French garden came on top of the main silk table cloth. We contrasted a range of red, fuchsia, orange, pink & purple flowers.

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   The couple enjoyed a 6 courses courses dinner, while listening to a Jazz band who covered all the French standards. At the end of the dinner, Ashwin stood up and brought Tanya outside. the beautiful melody from Christina Perri ‘ A thousand year’ was playing in the background. Ashwin bend on his knees , and popped up the questions. After she said yes, an amazing firework exploded in the sky and sealed their love in the beautiful sky of Paris forever  ! It was another beautiful Indian engagement Party created Sumptuous Events. 

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