Most beautiful Christmas Trees

I do not know if it the best time of the year, or just a great way to forget about the cold weather for some of us, but Christmas holidays are always very fun and very much appreciated. You cannot miss it : Everywhere you go, there are Christmas jingles in shopping malls, on the radio and sumptuous decorations  everywhere. But what christmas is really all about ? A great moment to say how much you love your friends and family, perhaps to forgive, let things go  and stop holding your past like some precious diamond wedding rings.


It is a time to be thankful and think about the chance you have to be alive and be able to enjoy all the things that surround you. People tend to me nicer during that time and embodies the spirit of giving. Some also donate time and money to charities, and as I always say ‘the more you give the more you receive’, even if the real thing about giving or offering is not to expect anything in return.  It can  take some wise and spiritual mind !


Although it seems the Church doesn’t consider it the most important Christian holiday, Christmas is definitely the most popular, in terms of cultural and social significance. The carols are also here to remind us that christmas is the observance of Jesus’s birth to a virgin in a simple stable near Bethlehem. ( I have to admit we always traditional songs at the office ) The holiday celebrates the events surrounding Jesus’s birth, such as an angel’s appearance to the shepherds, telling them to visit the newborn king.


As I was searching online this morning some inspiring and jolly wedding blogs , I discovered a ‘do you have the christmas spirittest, and well, I let you guess the answer that it gave us… Feel free to pass the test yourself and let us know, let us know, let us know !  If you are lucky enough to be visiting Paris for christmas or planning to have a destination wedding in France, you definitely have to check out the extravagant Galerie Lafayette, Printemps Haussmann and Bon Marché display. Every year, they are going beyond the extra mile to produce some enchanted scene for kids and grown ups ! That year, it’s all about robots, puppets, strings & animated screens. We are crazy about the Christian Louboutin display, and the music makes us feel so jolly.

Now, If you are passionate about sumptuous decors and fancy design like we do, you are certainly having lots of fun in December. From decorating your front porch, to ornate the house and your christmas table, the internet abounds from great articles to find some inspiration, and stores offers every year new christmas items that you are dying to get. We have planned some elegant elopement in Paris, but not yet any christmas winter wedding, and that’s something we are going to ask Santa Claus this year ! 

Until that, I let you now enjoy a selection of the most beautiful and unique christmas trees that the famous department store GALERIE LAFAYETTE display every year with great style !  If you’re just like us, you might find them fascinating !!! 


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