South of France luxury wedding

If you are thinking about a  South of France luxury wedding on the French Riviera, also known as Cote d’Azur, is one region not to be missed! With countless opportunities to host luxury weddings, private events, and incredible French gastronomy. Our team of luxury wedding planners will help you plan your wedding.  Getting married in the south of France is a dream of many couples. Did you take a look at our article about the best south of France wedding venue?

Plan your dream destination wedding in France

Samantha & Howard live in New York City. They had always dreamt to get married in France. They had seen this Vaux le Vicomte wedding on our website and wish to get a similar luxury wedding. Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte is indeed an amazing venue to host luxury weddings and birthday parties. They couldn’t make up their mind between a Paris wedding and a south of France wedding. It turned out they did a pre-wedding photoshoot at Vaux le Vicomte. Similarly, then they went to the South of France to celebrate their wedding a few days later.

The entire destination wedding was planned during the surge of the covid 19 pandemic. We had to postpone the wedding three times. In addition, it made the wedding planning process a bit more challenging, the result turned out spectacular. Additionally, the guest’s list was narrowed down a few times. Howard & Samantha decided to still celebrate their luxury wedding no matter what.

The Welcome cruise & Rehearsal dinner

The couple chooses the Negresco hotel for their stay in Nice. The Hotel Negresco is located on the Promenade des Anglais, on the side opposite the Mediterranean Sea.  It was named after Henri Negresco (1868–1920), who had the palatial hotel constructed in 1912. The hotel is listed by the government of France as a National Historic Building. It is a member of Leading Hotels of the World. The hotel was sold to Madame Jeanne Augier. She reinvigorated the hotel with luxurious decorations and an outstanding art collection.

The festivities started with a privatized cruise along the coast. The light breeze with the nice sunny day made the day perfect. We passed along the beautiful coast of Cap Ferrat, up to Monaco.After that, the boat anchored in a secluded bay, for a delicious barbecue lunch. In the afternoon, the guests decided to dive into the water and play water games.  Finally, On the same evening, the rehearsal dinner took place in a seaside restaurant. There was a lovely chill atmosphere on the French Riviera.In conclusion, you should consider hiring a south of France wedding planner to help you plan your wedding festivity like this one. 

The Ceremony at the Ville Ephrusis de Rothchild

On the wedding day, Samantha got ready in her beautiful deluxe suite, surrounded by all her bridesmaids. Firtsly, she chooses a nude makeup style along with an up-do chignon. Secondly, Howard was getting ready in his own room with both father and his groomsmen. After that, he was wearing a beautiful Dior Tuxedo. Around lunch, he delivered a secret message along with a beautiful diamond necklace gift. Similarly, Samantha started to get emotional from that moment. Against all odds, her dream wedding was finally taking place. Furthermore, the Negresco hotel had also surprised her with a Birkin Hermes bag chocolate sculpture replica.In conclusion, Samantha was a huge fan of the brand and its iconic handbags.

The transport company escorted the wedding party to the Villa Ephrusis de Rotchild. This villa is one of the most iconic wedding venues on the Cote d’Azur. Have you read this blog article about the South of France wedding? If you are looking for a Monaco luxury wedding planner, Sumptuous Events is here to help. You will be thrilled by our floral decoration and level of expertise. There are so many amazing wedding venues along the French Riviera. Are you dreaming of a south of France luxury wedding?

An original luxury wedding design by Jean Charles Vaneck

Samantha only wanted to work with the best. She hired Jean-Charles Vaneck of Sumptuous Events, to design her entire wedding. She was looking for an unconventional setup. Jean Charles Vaneck did a lot of research to present something original at the Villa Ephrusis de Rotchild.Furthermore, a raised floating floral circular podium above the waters stood in the middle of the fountain basin. Furthermore, the neutral color scheme of the flowers was contrasting with gigantic colorful floral arrangements. In addition, those were circling the platform.In conclusion, the overall look was very original and artistic. Secondly, if you are a fan of lush floral arrangements, make sure you take a look at this South of France luxury wedding. 

The hostess escorted the guests to the ceremony area. They all discovered the beautiful setup. The garden of the villa is absolutely breathtaking. Samantha’s parents escorted their daugther to the Altar on a beautiful song by Andrea Bocelli. The ceremony was joyful and emotional. Later, the couple exchanged their vows in front of all the guests. After the traditional first kiss, the catering company served a cocktail. It was time for their wedding photographer to take some family portraits. Furthermore, the guests enjoyed the sunset with live music and the dancing fountain. You can get some wedding inspiration for your own 2022 wedding. In conclusion, would you like to know the wedding trend 2022

The South of France luxury wedding reception at the Negresco Hotel

Beutiful mercedes viano escorted by all the guests to the grand reception. The oppulent wedding design transformed the ballroom of the Negresco. Right under the giant Baccarat chandelier, stood an acrylic circular fuchsia dance floor. In other words, the design took its inspiration in the rebirth theme. An ombre egg shape floral composition decorated on each table. There were hundreds of flowers and candles everywhere.After that, the hotel management complimented the team of the south of France wedding planners all night. Howard & Samantha sat on a special sweetheart table with purple, blue & red floral cascade.

Jean Charles Vaneck called this floral arrangement ‘Ruby’. Dior jewelry inspired the look. Are you looking for a bold statement for your Monaco wedding ? Do you prefer classical neutral tones? A troop of dancers had prepared some choreography all night long. A vintage jazz band in white jackets made everyone dance at the hand of the night. We love the little homemade ice cream parlor on the trolley. This is super cute and very French. This was an amaing south france luxury wedding!

Sumptuous Events has planned hundreds of weddings in France and around the world.After that, If you are looking for the best wedding planner, feel free to send an email on our contact form page. Keep calm & be sumptuous!

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