I’m very happy to share with you a fantastic news that happened today in the United states and that comes on a perfect time with the gay pride week end celebration all over major cities in the world, including Paris.

After years of waiting for this moment to arrive, the Supreme Court of the United States as finally decided to take a big step forward in  historic by establishing equality for the LGBT community !  This monumental decision made by the court represents the final nationwide victory for marriage equality.

In what could be the most important civil rights case in a decades, 5 of the 9 court have determined that the right to gay marriage  was enshrined under the equal protection which is described in the 14th amendment. It is bringing so much joy and respect to thousands of couples and families across the country, of course, but also across the world !

Barack Obama, president of the United States,  has claimed that   « the decision would  end the patchwork system we currently have,  this ruling is a victory for America,  and this decision affirms what millions of Americans already believe in their hearts: when all Americans are treated as equal, we are all more free.”

dcitycylist / Instagram

dcitycylist / Instagram

Of course, the ruling only affects civil marriages. In fact, the Supreme Court’s ruling has no much impact on  synagogues & churches. Indeed those are  free to follow the rules of their own faith regarding marriage.

I also wanted to quote another dear artist that I love, Dolly Parton «  I don’t see why gay people should be any happier than the rest of us, of course they should marry !  »  Isn’t she fabulous ?  What is the next step ? A gay president, that would be cool, isn’t it ? Well I guess there is one more reason to celebrate this week end on the occasion of the gay pride.

Since 2001, more than half a million people have marched every year in the streets of France in a cheerful & festive atmosphere during the LGBT Pride . This event has always promoted the  message that our society should be based on equality and respect.

In Paris, the march will start around 2PM from the beautiful ‘Jardin du Luxembourg’  up to the ‘Place de la Republique’. Of course, it will pass by the iconic ‘Place de la Bastille’, where the French revolution took place in 1789.  If you want to take a look at the different floats, I have attached an itinerary for your information.  Be prepared to hear good music, well groomed gentlemen and lots of smile and laughters  !  Around 6pm, The march will be followed by a free concert on Republic Square, with a great mix of music.   The band Scratch Massive, Maëlstrom or Jennifer Cardini will be playing their hits.  Here’s a link to the official page.


Did you know that Paris was ranking  number one  as  « the most active French cities against homophobia ” ( IDAHO study) and France is in the top 4 European country, after Amsterdam , Berlin and London.  It is definitely time to think about getting married in Paris ! Have a wonderful week end !

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